Hitch mounted tailgate spreader - Hydraulic?

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by bighornjd, Feb 1, 2011.

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    Ok maybe this is just another crazy dumb idea of mine. I'm thinking about trying it, although it probably won't happen till next year if I do. I contract plow for a local town with 33k gvw dump and 10' plow. I have 2 small streets and an alley that the truck either won't fit at all or won't make the turn onto, and they are really steep. I keep the skiddy down at the salt shed for loading salt. When I'm all done with the other streets in the truck, I take a bucket full of salt with the skid and drive up to these 2 streets, and dump the salt at the end. Then I scrape off the snow with the bucket, come back and scoop up the salt and sprinkle and scrape the salt around on the pavement. Kinda crude i know, but it gets the job done surprisingly well. I can stretch one bucket enough to do it all, but I feel like I waste a lot of salt and don't get it very even.

    Here's my idea. Not trying to spend a lot. I have an old Buyers hitch mount spreader I don't use with no controller and a bad motor. I have plans to get a quick attach adapter anyway in the future that I can mount 3pt hitch attachments to. I also want a 2" reciever welded to it so I can move trailers around with the skid. If I had that, i could put this spreader on the front of the skid easily. I'm wondering if anyone has ever converted an electric tailgate spreader to hydraulic? I have a couple old hydro undertailgate spreaders laying around I could swipe a motor off of possibly. Just curious if anyone else has ever thought of this or tried it? Sorry for the length of babble...
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    Should be do-able, use the remotes for your salter, though you might have to put a flow control inline to adjust the spinner speed.