Hitch drift pin and springs problem

I have read that at least one other has had the same problem as I. Today as I went to unhook my 9'2" Boss Poly V, which I have used twice. I found the unhook lever dangling as the drift pin and springs had fallen off.
I have purchased two of these plows in the past two years as I am very impressed with them. This is the first problem I have had with either of them.
I did find the broken drift pin laying in my driveway, no springs though.
Questions to Boss:

1) Why is this occurring?

2) Do I have to worry about the other side falling off
after this one is repaired.

I am 2 hrs. from my closest dealer and can't afford these type of repair runs.

Boss Plows

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We do have a recall on the rolled pin. Ask you dealer for part number MSC04764. It seems the handle on the release pin is loading up the rolled pin. If it gets enough movement(load), it will cold work the rolled pin. We have just started shipping the pin kits to all dealers so it may be a week or so before every dealer has stock on the MSC04764 kit.

John DiMartino

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Trailer king sent me mine,last week,great service.I put them in in 10 minutes,both sides.Very easy to do,and now I have peace of mind,the updated pins are much stronger than the roll pins the factory used.For me it was better to do the job myself than to drive 1 hr each way,with blade,and wait for them to do it,RJC,if your mechanically inclined at all,have your dealer ship them to your door,put them in yourself.
To Boss: Thank you for the information. The following morning after making this post, my dealer, Jim Flemming in Duncansville Pa. contacted me about this and I made a run to pick them up. I plan on installing them myself. Jim also made the recommendation of changing the angle of the handle pull from verticle to hortizontal so the snow won't push on them when stacking. My complements to Flemmings, he is a super dealer to work with, and always has time for his customers.


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I replaced my pins yesterday very easy but had 4 different Dealers tell me different things. Do the handels have to be turned or not as only 1 said it was manditory ?? :confused: :confused: :confused: The others said it made no real differnce.

Boss Plows

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Actually, this is a good question. When we first put out the bulletin, we were getting reports from the field that the pins were breaking from the snow loads twisting the handles. After further testing, we are finding that the new pin doesn't fail, even though the handles haven't been modified. We are still recommending the handles be modified to be on the safe side. To be honest, I'd probably not modify my own. The BOSS Plow