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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by guntruck, Dec 9, 2000.

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    This is my first year in the business, and was wondering how you to go about hiring subs for snow removal. I have plowed before no problem but when i need to hire a sub how do i go about it? How much do you pay the subs with there own truck and plow? How about if they use your truck then what do you pay them. Im getting 100$$/hr for plowing 52$/hr for guy shoveling. the subs are my main concern. Insurance is also an issue.

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    Guntruck, the best way that I have found to get subs is through a newspaper add . You will find that once you get one sub that they will recomend that you hire a friend of their's that also plows. When it comes to what to pay them by the hour you should call other local contractors and ask them what they would pay you per hour.
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    While it is still a ways away... this is a HUGE topic at the SIMA Symposium every year. I know that it will be a topic at the Symposium in Denver this year.