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You might wantto do a search for answers on thsi one,I personally have never owned one,but the 2 guys i know who did,will never buy Hiniker again,this is just 2nd hand info,I got from 2 guys i respect the opinions of.


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I bought a new Hiniker C-plow last fall and though there hasn't been much of a chance to use it here I have been satisfied so far. I have read all the posts knocking the Hinikers, and while I am not an expert ,as many on this site are, I feel that this is a well made plow. I really like the backdragging ability. I will have to let you know more when we get more snow(next year). Remember the same guys knocking the Hinikers are now doing the same to the Boss plows. I think that any brand will have its good and bad points.


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As stated before whenever this subject comes up, dealer support has a lot to do with a plow's overall performance. Unfortunately, the Hinicker dealer in my area is not known for standing behind what he sells and as a result there aren't many Hinickers in use.


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From what I heard Hiniker itself was not behind their product. Again hearsay.

I do know that other brands, even Meyer which takes a lot of heat from this board, are very helpful with any problems.

Personally I have heard from a dealer that just picked up their line that they have improved a lot. I saw his new truck the other day and it had a Diamond mounted to it. So from this I took that maybe he is not convinced either.


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I bought a 2 yr old Hiniker at the beginning of this season. I only use it for personal use, unlike most others on this site.


I feel I got a fair deal on it and the previous owner liked it enough to get another Hiniker on his new truck. The local dealer was helpful in getting a mount for my Ford and it went on fairly easy. The dealer said he's been selling them for years and although he sells more Westerns, he hasn't had any complaints against Hiniker. I realize that he is a salesman, but I had no reason to doubt him.

I think the spring setup is nice. I think they recoil much quieter and softer than stretch springs. I've found many springs lying in my driveway from my former plow guy. This won't happen with mine. Hopefully the plow preforms well next year when I try to make some $ with it. The mounting system is nice. If I had a complaint at all it would be that the light tree goes out of adjustment easily, causing the mounting points and the light tree to tip forward. I think they may have made that mechanism heavier duty now.

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