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Hiniker Snow plow help....Please

Discussion in 'Hiniker' started by FWAINWRIGHT, Oct 24, 2011.


    FWAINWRIGHT Junior Member
    Messages: 6

    Hello all,
    Im new on here, so might not know all the correct terms, please bare with me.
    I just purchased a 12 year old Hiniker 2750-N snowplow and mount from someone on Craigslist. I didnt realize till I got the plow home that it didnt have complete wireing. The local shop says I need to convert the setup to a 10 pin config and need switches and relays but it seems like alot of money.
    What I currently have is 2 plugs coming off the plow mount (pump and selonoid).
    The 2 fat wires are the battery terminals. Got that by one being black and the other being red and both being 8 Guage wire.
    There are 4 wires that come off plow mount (pump and selonoid). There is a red, yellow, white, and black.
    Just trying to find out how I can wire this up without buying kits and switches.
    Im guessing the black thin wire would be the negative for the selonoid. Im also guessing that the red, yellow, and white wires each control something diff (one up, one left, and one down). Dont want to try hooing power up to anything till im sure im not gonna make anything worse.
    I have looked onlie for the old wire kit for the 4 wire config,and cant find anything. I tried to find the guy I bought the plow off of and he has moved in the last month since I bought plow (landlord has no idea where he moved to).
    The headlights each have its own 4 wire plug, and the pigtail for each side of my truck headlight and signal, so thats fine.
    Just need to know how to wire the 4 smaller wires (again: Red, Yellow, White, and Black).
    Im hoping I can hook them up like my old Meyer plow with 2 momentary switches, one for up and down and one for left and right.
    PLEASE help me out. You all are my last hope before spending Thousands of dollars for local shop wireing and setup.

    FWAINWRIGHT Junior Member
    Messages: 6

  3. Greenery

    Greenery 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,439

    Have you tried looking for some wiring schematics on hinikers website?
    It shouldn't cost you thousands for a new wire harness.

    FWAINWRIGHT Junior Member
    Messages: 6


    I have looked on the Hiniker website. They say I need 2 harness's, the remote joystick, and new headlights. the first harness is $389. The second harness is $289. The remote control is $318. And lastly I would need to buy new lights for $289.
    Total is $1285, and then I would still need relays and selonoids for there harness.
    It seems there pushing the 10 pin harness because its a single connector for the headlights and plow (all in one). I dont need the Headlight plugs or relays since I have the old harness for the lights.
    I also have the Battery termanals and breaker, so im good there.
    I dont see why the switch like the one Meyer makes wouldnt work. The pump has relays on it and thats where the 4 small wires feed from. Which makes me believe that one is up, one is left, one is down, and black shares neg. Just not sure. Figured someone on here has hooked up an old Hiniker Plow setup with these 4 wires and used momentary switches.

    FWAINWRIGHT Junior Member
    Messages: 6

    I just went on Hiniker website, pulled all the part numbers and looked them up on eBay.
    It would be a little bit cheaper to get parts onlne. $1076 plus shipping from each of the sellers. So not realy saving to much compared to the local shops est of $1285.
    Joystick Switch 36014020
    Under hood wire harness 38813034
    Mount plate 25010512
    72” power cable 38813007
    Plow wire harness 38813036
    Headlight kit 25012793 & 25012792

    The list seems crazy when I already have working headlights and have wire harness from pump to grill.
    Problem is I have no idea how to wire the 4 wires form selonoid
  6. mosnowpusher

    mosnowpusher Junior Member
    from kc mo
    Messages: 3

    Have you by chance found more info. I'm in same secnio and looking for help
  7. Meezer

    Meezer Senior Member
    from Indiana
    Messages: 300

    How about giving us a little bit more info like what plow, truck, etc., do you have?
  8. mosnowpusher

    mosnowpusher Junior Member
    from kc mo
    Messages: 3

    88 Chevy K3500

    Hello, thank you in advance for any help offered

    I bought this plow last year, I know its old and hasnt been well maintained but its what I can afford, it has no identifying tags other than Hiniker. It measure 9" in length

    Im looking for the following info
    model #
    Wiring schematics
    Purchase lights

    I have it mounted on a 1988 Chevy K3500 with 454 TBI

    All the diagrams I can find have orange & black wires going to the solenoid but this one has green & black
    I had it all working on another 88 k3500 last yr but switched over to this 88 k3500 for this season
    I cant get anything to work now and cant figure out my problem its all wired exact same way
    as it was last season

    Thank you


    Controller wires.jpg


    control box & solenoid.jpg

    Pump & motor.jpg
  9. mosnowpusher

    mosnowpusher Junior Member
    from kc mo
    Messages: 3

    another pic

    Side view plow mounted

    How do I rotate pics on here?

    Side view plow.jpg
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2013