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hiniker rise, but plow falls

Discussion in 'Hiniker' started by pluswood1898, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. pluswood1898

    pluswood1898 Junior Member
    Messages: 1


    I will try to explain my problem as thorough as possible. If i rise the plow, and let go of the joystick (which returns to neutral). The led turns from green to orange immediately and the plow falls. Now let me tell you what I have already tried. One, tried a friends remote from his one year old plow and had the same problem (which ruled out the remote). Two, routed a normally open switch in line with the down solenoid. So, if the plow was getting voltage, I would be able to read it across the switch (while in the truck). With this test, the switch was reading 12 volts and the plow would not fall until I closed the circuit. This is a quick fix, but looking to fix it the right way. Also, if I raise the plow and continue to hold the up direction and at the same time turn the remote off, the plow will stay up. If I turn the remote back on the led is green and the plow stays up ( the remote is in the neutral position). Any advice appreciated.

  2. sweetlou48096

    sweetlou48096 Junior Member
    from 48096
    Messages: 28

    Call 800-433-5620 HINIKER direct and ask for Reggie, a total whiz and trust me,
    HINIKER is without a doubt the easiest plow manufacturer to work with, they help and
    hassle nobody. But you do have the best plow on the planet mounted on your vehicle.