Hiniker controls compatible?

Discussion in 'Universal PlowControls' started by LHL Inc., Nov 9, 2008.

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    I was wondering, I am looking at a hiniker scoop and one of my subs has a hiniker c plow. Will the plows interchange from truck to truck if we switch the controler in the cab? Both of those plows are brand new. One of my other subs has an older hiniker strait blade (app. 10 yrs old) The mount still looks the same will this interchange so he can hook onto my plow if ever needed?:salute:
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    Hiniker is awesome in this aspect every plow they have made uses the same mount however when it comes to wiring and. Control function they do have two different harnesses the scoop you have and straight your sub uses are completly interchangable but the c plow uses a different harness and control from my understanding you can run the straight and scoop on the truck wired for the c
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    You can switch the C plow over to the truck that is wired for a straight plow but the C plow will only work as a straight plow. So if you get into a bind you can use it but you can't use any of the C functions. There is different wiring harness for the C and V plows then the straight and scoop plows. My 1/2 ton is wired for a V plow but i have the scoop on it, and i can run a C plow off it too because it has the V wiring harness and then i need to plug in a C controller because the V and C controllers have different functions for the buttons.