Hiniker controll on a western?

Discussion in 'Universal PlowControls' started by Pro Lawn Care, Nov 11, 2010.

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    I really don't like any of the controllers available for my uni-mount there are all just too freekn big! I have used many hiniker plows and really like the size of the controller for the hini straight blade. I was wondering if it is possible to make it work on my western or has anyone been successful in the custom controller area? I would make one if I knew what exactly it needed to have to work anyone have any input?
  2. carkey351

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    the question is not whether it will work or not; its just how complicated the wiring will be and whether western/hinker's wiring will match the controls on the other plow. if you cut and splice the wires it should work-especially if you have a diagram for both units. i just cut and spliced in an older control because i didn't like the touchpad the plow can with. I think it works better even though it isn't the 'new style' controller.:cool:
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    Just to comment about Hiniker contoller. I always thought their controller looked cheesy compared to other brands. But after buying & using a Hiniker plow a few years. I really like it and think the thumb toggle is very intuitive & requires the least amount of work to use. No fatigue.