Highlighter wired to cargo lamp


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I have a 1998 GMC Sierra. I was thinking of hard wiring the Highlighter directly to my cargo lamp swith. The problem is the lamp only works when the truck is turned off an the switch is turned on. I beleive a door has to be opened as well. Has anyone else ever tried this.

I was thinking I could find the power source to the switch and re-route to a always on source. What do you guys think.



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cargo light

I like your idea, I had wanted to hook some rear spotlights up, and thought it would be just as good to wire to the cargo light switch, unfortunately, it has quite a few wires to mess with, and I didnt' have the patience to determine which one to tap into so I just put in a switch in the dash for it. I'll try to take a picture of my dash install. I've got more to do, including a back rack with two rear spots, beacon, and CB antenna. I would also like to put some hidden strobes in the corners, need to read up a little more on the tech side. I like doing my own fabricating and engineering, and wiring, then if something fails, I usually know where to start looking.

Among the mods I've done to my 97 GMC 454:

2 gauge battery cable to front and rear bumpers with plug, for jumpers or winch. I can plug my trailer winch to the truck so I don't have to run a separate battery for the winch on the trailer.

I used to have a front receiver hitch but it limited full raising of the plow so I removed that this year. I have plans for a winch frame to fit my plow frame mount.

Just got a K&N filter, too soon to tell if any noticeable performance difference.

I run a relay in my high beam light circuit to allow the low beams to stay on when I switch to brights.

I also run a remote 2way switch that I can use to control a variety of hookups including dump trailers, or a winch.

Makes for a lot of gadgets, but I like having everything I can think of to make a job easier and/or more effiecient and safe.

Have you done any interesting upgrades/mods?

It's nice to see some posts from the classic body style folks.



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Johnny, did you make your own rack or did you buy one? Im thinking about making one this winter/spring and was just curious about your design, thanks!

I reread the post and discoverd it was a back rack, that answers that question... Howabout this one then: how do you like the backrack? Is it well designed/constructed? And how easy/hard was the install? Thanks again.
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Here's my current switches

Top toggle is for plow/vehicle headlights

Middle is for cargo light

Bottom is currently for rear spots

Right now I am using a lighter plug on the beacon, eventually I want to integrate something else

I used a dremel tool with various bits and small cut-off wheels to carefully cut the holes in this pop-out panel. The switches fit great and don't interfere with any factory options.

On another truck I had that did not have the push button 4x4, I used that pop-out panel for switches.

I like to use these pop-out panels, because when I come to sell the vehicle and strip out all my stuff, I can go to a salvage yard and get replacements for cheap, and not have a dash full of unsightly holes.

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