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Here's an article that many may find interesting. Dec/2001 issue of Popular Science. Minnesota DOT is testing a high tech plow truck that's equipped with forward looking radar that watches the road for obstacles up to 300 ft. ahead. It's also eqipped with an onboard GPS that locates the plow's position to within one inch, showing both obstacles and the roads bounderies on a heads up transparent display that allows the driver to see display & the road. States that looking through the display, it's like the lines on the road were just painted even in "0" visibility. Before any such plow can be used, a network of correction stations (towers) would need to be built to allow the GPS to track the plow to within an inch! (a friggin inch!!!) So far only three have been built.

How long before the drivers are replaced as well??? I can see sitting home in front of my monitor holding a joy stick plowing my accounts. Gotta work on the robot for the walks. Better use magic salt so not to rust the robot!!



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Re: "High Tech Plow Truck":

But how does it deal with the REAL problem faced by the plow operators: those SUV-driving dingbats that HAVE to wait until the height of the blizzard to go somewhere, and don't know how to drive anyway!!! :p


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I think Iowa DOT tried one of those last year. Sounds good, but how many of us could afford one? Imagine factoring that into "yearly fixed costs". (Yes sir, Mr Jones, it'll only be $2000 "per push" for your 30'x50' drive)

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