Hi Range vs Low Range?

Dave in Pa.

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southeastern PA
Just went frrom a 94 chevy with 4:10 posi rear automatic, 7.5 foot western and now putting the plow on 88 GMC 15OO that has posi but a 3.42 rear. I never used low range in my 94, never found anything I couldn't push either, but am wondering about the GMC 15OO? Is low range gonna be better to use in this truck? (driveways mostly) Thanks in advance & glad we are gonna maybe see some snow!! Dave


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Ive got 3.42's and have only used low-range once, that was pushing some heavy wet snow,(4-5" with rain on top) and it had no troubles. Usually im in High, 2wd sometimes, you end up running the engine a little harder, but besides that one time, ive not yet met anything i couldnt at least break up and move. Hope that answers your questions


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Glenview, Ill.
Low Range

Dave I agree you really shouldn't need to use low range, that truck should push just about anything just like your other one. I think that the last time I had mine in low range Jimmy Carter was President. Enjoy your new truck! :rolleyes: John

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