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Hey Jerre AKA "The Blizzard God"


Senior Member
after reading the post about JAA's first experience i got to thinking, although i didnt buy my plow from Jerre and not to say my next Blizzard wont come from him, wouldnt it be cool if Jerre could post some sort of trouble shooting list of the more commmon problems that they encounter and their remedies. better yet a running update/post on this site of the problems as they happen and how they were fixed. it would make field repairs a bit easier at 3 AM with an idea what to look for/where to start. just a thought but i bet alot of Blizzard owners would be real happy with Jerre AKA "The Blizzard God" :D .

Jerre Heyer

Senior Member
Erie, PA
What do you think about Paying my cell phone bill and I'll give you the ## to call at 3am like the boss and western guys do.

Short list on the problems. Blown fuse cause the guy has added the C.B., Strobe and C.D. player to the circut.

Low fluid----Add more make the plow move and find the leak---Fix it.....If it's a wing that has a leak in the wing area or the hose qoing to the manifold .........Don't Use that wing till you fix it but the rest of the plow will still work..

Bad solenoid........Replace same ( symptoms motor doesn't run, Motor keeps running after switch is shut off for a few seconds, Motor just runs ) the 3 ways they die on all types of plow.

Plug on front of truck is out or loose.......Happens when you loose one or two functions only.

I'll put some thought into an info are with Chuck Smith's help and approval.

Just a nice idea for all you plow owners out ther......


Anything that keeps you from running is an emergency. You should have lift and angle hoses, Solenoid, Fuse, Pins and fluid along with the necessary tools to replace the same for any plow.


P.S. WHITE=GREEN, Just started taking orders for next year from some guys this morning......They will finish the year with what they have and trade it in the spring......Already have the deposits. Yours could be there too.