Hey guys I have a question can you give me your input?


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Alright I have it figured out how much Im gonna charge, but my question to you is how do you work it when you have plowed once and 4hrs later it snowed again and your doing it once more how do you guys handle this thanks.


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so your saying it snowed you only plowed once for that duration and then 4 hours later you had another storm say and have to plow again.Well if the sky clears then overcasts and snows again that makes it another strorm and i would charge as i would for the first.Some times you can have 2 storm sytems in one.That happened to me when plowing for a town near me we plowed for quite some time then all of a sudden it cleared then and hour later we had a good amount of snow comming back down.


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As stated in our contracts.

Any visit where the plow is dropped is considered a full charge visit unless it is for a enterance or parking cleanup after our initial plow.

We have times in Mi where it will snow for many days and not stop. If we plow it and an hr later they want it done again its the same price.


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Kinda a little different scenario, but I want to get a couple accounts this year via flyers in the neighbor hood mailboxes and word of mouth. I was planning on charging around 30-35 for each drive. I would plow early in the morning around 530 before school then go to school and if i need to plow again (about 2 pm is when I get out of school) would this be enough service I mean if it is a blizzard school will be closed and I will be plowing all day. If I go in the morning and after school would I charge twice? or just once? If it was a 30 dollar job would it be 60 because I hit it twice?


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If they are "per-plow" contracts, then you charge for every plow, no matter the time in between. If they want only one service per 24 hrs, or something similar, then be sure to spell it out in the contract right from the get go.

On a side note, we have went to all seasonal contracts for our residentials, (only a few), because of these type of problems. You will service a property two or three times in a 24 hour period, which last year in one week happened almost daily. We got 60 + inches in a week, and I actually had residents refuse to pay me, because "they didn't remember us being there that many times ".

I know some on here leave the bill in the door every time they plow, but we bill monthly, and I ate a few of those plows just to keep the peace. Of course they are no longer our customers....
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Pine Ridge Landscaping???

In northern virginia there is a company called pine ridge landscaping.. Just wanted some input about this company. so far they seam like they have their act together. I am signed up as a Sub contractor for the snow season. They tell me that they have enought work for at least 140 trucks. The company owns 42 trucks themselves and they are looking for subs. The owner told me he has some where near 85 huge commercial accounts and parking lots that he needs OUR help with. He is starting me at 55 per hour seeing this is going to be my first REAL plowing season. Well i plowed for about 6 hours last season but that was just a warm up. So please let me have some input if there is anyout there. Also People in the maryland DC Virginia area that need work this guy is hiring. At this point i would recomend. He also stated that he will pay with in 7 days of plowing or the same day if needed with advance notice. Just a quick word... Thank you...