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Hey Gang! Fab mount to classic Chevy ???s

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by Balderson, Aug 31, 2005.

  1. Balderson

    Balderson Junior Member
    Messages: 14


    Has anyone ever had to fab a mount to a late '70's rig?

    I have a swenson spreader snowplow. That's right, it is a relic. It's a seven footer in good condition. The mount was fabricated for a late '80's ford. The rig that I am mounting to is a '78 Chevy 3/4 ton 4x4. I would like to tie into a couple of points on the frame with bolted points for easy removal. I am a solid 87 and older chevy truck man, with a '77 3/4, '78 3/4, and a '79 1/2 suburban. All 4x4s and the 1/2 ton burban is getting a 4"-6" lift with 3/4 ton axles this year. The '78 is a yard/plow/trail rig strictly. I want to be able to swap this mount to the others if need be. Has anyone fabricated from scratch a custom mount for these old units and what are the key points that you used and how did you do it? I know it's a loaded question. Also, I'm looking for an old western mount for these rigs. The powers that be tell me that it's the closest mount that will work, with minimal fab to the mount, for the old swenson spreader plow. Don't laugh I accidently won the complete and functioning unit on ebay for $265. ;) Hey, It's a start. When Dad and I had the family farm we used a John Deere 4x4 8630 and a 7' high by 10' wide Balderson dozer blade on a three point hitch. I pushed much snow back in the day and rescued many a stranded motorist from the icy white dunes of death. Alright, enough glory years, :sleeping: I need help with this plow, if anyone can assist, I'll be very thankful. Take care and feel free to share your old chevy first plow stories with me, I can use the inspiration. Take care. Balderson
  2. derekbroerse

    derekbroerse 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,377

    My mount was fabricated for my Boss plow. I don't know if they were available then or not, but in my case since the truck is lifted I needed a modified one anyways.

    Like yours, I had a mount for an older Ford. Armed with a torch and arc welder we chopped it up and made the custom bracketry we needed.

    The main mount is located straight below the bumper. The bracing there is attached to the frame where the tow hooks would normally be. There are also a pair of 1/4" angle irons running backwards on a 45 or so degree angle that are bolted to the crossmember under the engine... somewhere around where the frame rails pass over. They actually bump up solidly against the riveted-on brackets that hold the rubber bump-stop for the leaf springs.

    Every mount is a little different. You will need to eye-ball it all ahead of time and try to envision how the forces will push the truck. Then you need to fab brackets to counter-act those forces. Just remember, everything needs to fit TIGHT to keep it from shifting and breaking/bending. You definately don't want this failing at 3am!

    Good Luck!