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Hey BOSS - More info on Wireless controll system

Discussion in 'Boss Plows Discussion' started by millsaps118, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. millsaps118

    millsaps118 Senior Member
    Messages: 702

    I got a chance to check out and operate a DXT that had the optional wireless setup at our state fair last week. I'm very sceptical of this system and question its dependability. Can you give us more info on R&D and what you guys found to be so great about this new design to put it into production?

    I did order another plow (9'2'' DXT stainless) to add to our fleet of Boss plows and made sure to get the hardwired, tried and true system. My dealer even offered to let me R&D the wireless version for this season, at their expense and I respectfully declined.

    I found the newly designed controller very awkward to operate and not ergonomically correct. Overall it felt cheap and fragile. What does the button (small round one) next to the power button do? Double tap up/down feature was not present and I could not get the controller to confirm it was in float mode as it stayed lit up green.

    These were just a few initial concerns I had with to start. Hopefully you guys can convince some of us that this is going to be the next best thing....
  2. djagusch

    djagusch 2000 Club Member
    from mn
    Messages: 2,107

    This interests me. I have a snoway in my fleet which has a wireless controller. It has its pro's and con's compared to a wired controller. The pro's are less wires to install, can operate it while outside of the truck to make sure everything is working, etc. The con is if the transmitter goes bad your stuck, little black box and no way to tell what's going on but a light. Another con is if you leave the controller in the truck overnight the battery freezes and doesn't work for a bit.

    The DXT I'm thinking of putting on my new dodge. What did the plow run approximately? Did Crysteel actually need to order it? Or just the sub dealer? Just strange that they wouldn't have it in stock this time of year.
  3. Mark Klossner

    Mark Klossner Sponsor
    Messages: 94

    Wireless Electrical and Wireless Control Systems

    Hi guys,

    Just jumping in here to answer some of your questions/concerns.

    Millsaps118: Its important to note that what you saw and what you were demo'ing were two different systems, both of which are new offerings from BOSS. One is the Next Gen Electrical System (wireless) and the other is the Next Gen Pistol Grip Controller (wireless in communication, but "tethered" for safety).

    The primary reason for the development of the Next Gen Electrical System is the elimination of the 13-pin plug at the front of the truck? Why? Simply, we work very hard to eliminate anything in a plow system that can cause breakdowns in the field. The 13-pin plug as I'm sure you are familiar with, is subjected to a lot of corrosive forces during its duty, and as such, it is more prone to having issues over the course of its life than just about any other component. As such, we developed this new Next Gen Electrical System to eliminate that plug completely. Its easier to rig and cleaner for installation as well. This system had several years of development and testing prior to being released, so we have confidence in it. Another feature of our wireless system vs others out there is that our system eliminates the headlight plug, allowing our wireless system to control not only the plows operations but also the headlights.

    Next the Next Gen Controller. As you have experienced, that controller is all-new - it's ergonomic designed was developed with elements of pistol grips, aviation joysticks, video game controllers and other control devices which are used for long durations of time. However, as is the case with any new controller that is compared to a controller that folks like yourself are used to, it will take some "wheel" time to get used to it. And - if you don't like it, you can simply use the current controller to plug into the new wireless electrical system we talked about above - you are NOT required to use the Pistol Grip controller to get the benefits of the Next Gen Electrical System.

    Regarding the buttons on the new Pistol Grip control. The small button next to the Power button is a Mode button that has a number of different functions, mostly controller configuration related: 1. You can set length of time for controller "time out" with it; 2. Enable and Disable the Express "Up/Down" feature; 3. Utilize it for future controller capabilities (coming soon).

    Float mode is achieved by double-tapping OR holding the bottom trigger button. The center L.E.D. light will turn red indicating you are in float.

    Our Pistol Grip Wireless controller is tethered to your truck. Now, this may seem confusing, but let me explain. We tethered (meaning it has to be plugged in) the controller for a couple of reasons: 1. Safety. For exactly the reason Djagusch mentioned with other wireless controllers, we don't want guys slipping the controller in their pocket, walking outside the vehicle to the front of the truck, leaning over the plow and accidentally activating the controller possibly putting themselves in harm's way. 2. We eliminated the "battery" issue that other wireless systems have by doing this as well. There's no battery to be dead in the morning. It's important to understand however, that all of the communication between the plow control module and the wireless controllers is done wirelessly or with Radio Frequency, so its truly a wireless communicator with smart safety and reliability features built in.

    Sorry for the long response to this, but want to make sure you understand exactly what you were seeing and using. Bottom line: If you like the benefits of the wireless electrical system (getting rid of 13-pin plug) but want to keep using the current controller - you're in luck - it will work!

    Questions - let us know.

  4. srl28

    srl28 Senior Member
    Messages: 407

    Can't find any pictures of these new controllers anywhere. Anyone have some shots of it so we can see what were all talking about?
  5. BOSS_JG

    BOSS_JG Sponsor
    Messages: 207

    Here are photos of the controller:

  6. 1olddogtwo

    1olddogtwo PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 12,174

    Isn't there an app for that?
  7. djagusch

    djagusch 2000 Club Member
    from mn
    Messages: 2,107

    Is the tethered just to a 12 volt plug (aka cig lighter) or a special plug?

    In regards to the wireless headlights. Is this the user turning it on or tied into the vehicle wiring? Also is the turn signals functional on the plow or manually need to be done?
  8. millsaps118

    millsaps118 Senior Member
    Messages: 702

    From a developmental/engineering point of view I get what your saying. Pushing the envelope, making something great, greater. Eliminate what you can and incorporate technology to make it functional. We all love clean,easy and simple. I agree 100% with you about the cons of the 13 pin harness, but with proper care and simple preventative maintenance, it's easy to eliminate corrosion. If corrosion does become a problem and a guy needs to replace his 13 pin harness, that's a simple fix - even at 3am when it's snowing 2"/hr and the wind is howling with temps -20. How would a guy trouble shoot his wireless system should it fail on him when it's needed most? I can't do that with a pair of wire strippers, side cutter, butt connectors and electrical tape, but I can swap out my 13 pin with those simple tools most plow guys carry with them.

    Wireless, sounds great! But this raises another concern. It utilizes radio frequency(s) to send a signal to a receiver (module) for communication. Is this going to interfere with the other electrical components from the vehicle? CB radio, cell phones, Navigation systems, remote start, keyless ignition/locks, bluetooth devices etc...Newer vehicles are very high tech and also utilize various function via radio frequency. Is constant vibration and temperature going to affect the control module with a wireless system being that it's located in the tower? Also, now I have to worry about an antenna and its dependability to relay a radio signal. What happens if for some reason the signal for headlight function fails at night, what is the trouble shoot procedure? Will my dealer/service center be able to trouble shoot issues or will they just "throw" parts at it and cross their fingers hoping it works. Fact of the matter is, the average plow operator is clueless when it comes to wireless technology and most guys will not have the proper equipment/tools to diagnose these kinds of problems out in the field. My feeling is, there is no quick fix to get you back up and running with minimal down time.

    Don't get me wrong. I like cutting edge technology and love to have the latest and greatest products. I'm a die hard Boss fan and run a fleet of V-blades and skid plows. I can mix and match them with any vehicle if needed since they are all hard wired versions. I wouldn't be able to do this if I had a wireless version. When I'm familiar with something that I think is already great, it makes me skeptical of a new version of the same great product trying to be better. You know as well as I do that snow fighters rely on dependability to do our jobs day-in and day-out. Mostly, they need to have confidence that their equipment is going to perform when it's game time. My confidence is knowing that my controller is hard wired to operate my plow functions and headlights. If something goes wrong I can easily trouble shoot to find the issue. I feel wireless doesn't give you that luxury.

    It's great that you guys give the consumer the option to run either controller. My first impression of the Next Gen controller is exactly how you described it. It looks and feels like a video game controller. My opinion is, it feels very fragile. The joystick felt like I might break it if I pushed it to hard one way or the other. The buttons look and feel cheap. One finger operation is simple and easy with the orginal controller, with the Next Gen two/three are required. It's very streamline also which isn't bad but I like the semi bulkiness of the original handheld controller. It has some weight to it and fits in my hand.

    I think what Boss is doing is great. Finding new ways to make their products better for the end user. Utilizing technology, pushing the envelope but, some things are better left unchanged.

    Thanks for sharing your info and clairification as this will be helpfull for others (including me) to get a better understanding of how this new system operates.
  9. millsaps118

    millsaps118 Senior Member
    Messages: 702

    Retail (I don't pay retail Thumbs Up) for a 9'2" stainless DXT your going to be around $6200-$6300. Locking cylinders are standard on all VXT and DXT plows. Crysteel has pre ordered DXT's in and are installing curently. Two truck loads are coming next week for inventory and pre solds.
  10. 11eco

    11eco Junior Member
    Messages: 1

    SO, who's the salesman I am looking for at crysteel...
  11. secret_weapon

    secret_weapon Senior Member
    Messages: 437

    So what happens when you get a fleet of trucks together, all equipped with the new electrical system? Will one controller operate multiple plows at the same time? Does it operate on the 27Mhz or 40Mhz frequency? Just kidding...
    Sounds like a great idea, but like said above, field service is very important. Will there be diagnostic lights on the module and I have to consult a book to troubleshoot?
    How about give the option to connect a short harness to the 13 pin connector to bypass the wireless system if need be. With regular maintenance, it's easy to keep the connector clean and corrosion free. "knock on wood" never had an issue with the plug in the 12 years of having a Boss plow.
  12. millsaps118

    millsaps118 Senior Member
    Messages: 702

    Agreed 100%. I don't think the engineers even know the answers to some of these Q's. Maybe that's why they haven't jumped in to give answers....
  13. Mark Klossner

    Mark Klossner Sponsor
    Messages: 94

    Ok guys, a lot of questions here, let's start from the beginning.

    The controller is tethered to the BOSS 9-pin connector - making it interchangeable with standard (non-wireless) BOSS controls.

    The turn signals also operate through the wireless system - no additional wiring or installation needed.

    Interference: The system will not interfere with other devices, its is FCC Compliant. That includes the operation of other BOSS wireless plows that may be near it. Each plow system has a unique "address" - so you could have literally thousands of plows in the same proximity and not have issues as long as the truck and plow have been synchronized correctly.

    Troubleshooting communication issues is done via flashing LEDs on each module. The Owner's Manual for the system provides an easy-to-use grid which gives the definitions of the various conditions, ie, flashing lights. Outside of the communication between plow and truck, the diagnostic processes and procedures on the snow plow are the same as they are now.

    Interesting suggestion on the bypass connection - we'll take that into consideration.

    Any other questions? Let us know. I'd also like to extend an invitation to have us call you and talk you through any more questions you may have. If you'd like to talk to us - leave your phone number here and we'll give you a call.
  14. ProperLandscape

    ProperLandscape Member
    Messages: 92

    I had a Sno-Way 32 Contractor plow with wireless. Install was simplified and the remote fit in your hand perfectly but that is where the positives end. You can't leave the remote in the truck for theft reasons and batteries tend to freeze when the temp dips below 10 degrees. Mine went for a ride on the back of my salt truck after i set it down on the bumper so I could tighten the straps on my salter. That was my first $359 replacement remote. I had to buy a second replacement two years later when the battery case cracked and would no longer hold the batteries. Shortly after that, the receiver box too a crap. That was another $300+. Also, depending on what angle you held the remote at it was slow to respond to commands. Kind of a big problem when you think you have to blade up high enough to clear the grass and push snow up on the lawn. If you dont have a back-up truck, think twice about buying wireless.
  15. Mark Klossner

    Mark Klossner Sponsor
    Messages: 94


    Those are a few of the exact reasons why our controller is tethered in our wireless system. It helps to avoid dead batteries and lost controllers - as well as accidental operation when standing outside the vehicle.
  16. ProperLandscape

    ProperLandscape Member
    Messages: 92

    That is an improvement over the Sno-Way system. Sometimes the batteries would last 3 snow events and some nights I would change them twice in 10 hours. What is the price of a replacement remote? I'm worried that dealers may not stock these and it will take several days to get one. I just recentley purchased a Boss Power V-xt 8'2" for my 2013 GMC. In the future, will there be a kit to turn older plows wireless?
  17. Mark Klossner

    Mark Klossner Sponsor
    Messages: 94

    As of right now, there is no plan to have a kit for older plows.
  18. MSS Mow

    MSS Mow Senior Member
    from Maine
    Messages: 983

    Does this mean that one plow will not work on a different truck? It is incredibly important for plows to be interchangeable from one truck to another for many plow contractors.
  19. 330kDMAX

    330kDMAX Junior Member
    from NH
    Messages: 16

    Im very interested in seeing this new setup in action. Particularly how that new controller works with a v plow. My local dealer hasn't installed their new inventory on their personal trucks yet and besides the pic above and the small pic in the boss catalog, that thing doesn't exist. Will there be a YouTube video of it soon?
  20. secret_weapon

    secret_weapon Senior Member
    Messages: 437

    @Mark Klossner I'm curious on how easy and quick it is to sync up to different plows. Say I have to switch to a spare straight blade tonight because I busted the V, how fast can I sync up?

    I understand that it is an option for now, but will most likely be the standard in the future. Boss is thinking forward, not backward so this new setup will be for people buying all new and not holding on to the old plows. This is the way I see it.