Hero stories


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Well we all have hero stories, but this is one for the books.
On Friday I pulled a stuck class 7 poland spring truck with my 98 K3500. I love that truck. He was just about empty tho, and I got about 10 gallons of free water for my time.
I also pulled a F-250 out of a snow bank, and a ford ranger.
Two fords in one day, now that was a good time.
The easiest pull was a kia, I worried that I may actually pull it in two pieces.


Do not knock those KIA's

I got my wife a Kia Sportage EX with leather, wood grain and etc.... and I use it inspect lots and check out areas... I tell you I get in to deeper snow then any other trucks out there... I put 200 lbs in the back and I am telling you it is great... It is almost as good as the Suzuki Samurai I used to have ..... that thing never got stuck..we had it up the doors in mud once and boom... pulled itself out..


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Well, this wasn't snow related, but I drove by a place once and saw a Peterbilt dump stuck in fresh sand fill next to this house. Thought to myself, "That looks like Marty's Pete". I was,, he had been dumping fill, flattening it with a skidsteer and backing over it with the next load. He went just a little too far back and sunk enough that he was "jigging" and going down instead of pulling out (he had dumped his load when he felt it sink going in). I hooked to him with my S-10 with a nylon strap. I was sitting on wet pavement in the driveway and I got into low range and kept on just enough throttle to be right on the edge of wheelspin. Every time the Pete would jig the tension on the strap was enough to help him move forward a few inches. That was all it took, got him out just fine. NOBODY had a camera!

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I told this one a while back, but since we're on the subject...

Stopped because I saw two cars off the road, one of which had a few little kids in the back. I stopped to make sure everyone was okay, and it turns out the guy in the second car was an off-duty cop who had stopped to help, but got stuck himself. So, I pull the first one out without a problem. Go to pull the cop's car out, and he realized he was not only stuck, but had locked his keys in his running car. By this time, I felt really bad for this guy. He called his brother who happened to have a slim-jim (ironic, isn't it) and got into the car. Pulled him out, and felt really bad accepting $20 for him...