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only 3 for here in the forecast, but, this is better than nothing...

radar show a lot of activities around great lake and east coast this morning.

Around here, we have a proverb going like this" the third is doing the month"...looks good for january.


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Lords Valley, PA
Storm forecast started as a 3"-6" storm a few days ago. Last night I went to sleep with a forecasted 6"-12" storm & woke up this morning with a forecasted 1'-2' storm! Wow! What a difference a few days make. Looks like a good beginning to a new year.


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I'm getting jealous/desperate

It looks like another fizzle for here. Last night we were due for storm totals of 4-6". NWS has an advisory out this morning which says maybe 2" by the time it's over. Local weatherguesser is calling for 2-5 here with more south of us (again). I'm not getting my hopes up, will know more what it will do in 24 hours.
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Long Island, NY
Not calling for anything of signifigance here today, but possibly 2-4" by tomorrow morning ... we will see ...
Hope for just enough to hit the trigger but not enough to call it work ...:D

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Somerset, NJ
Got in a complete salt app from last nights ice, sleet & snow. Break in radar here right now, but looks like it should start back up as plain rain for most of the day. Then they are saying 3"-5" tonight. That's a great kind of 2 day storm if it pans out. I'd rather have that heavy precip during today be rain, instead of the heavy, wet 12"-16" it would be if it stayed snow here. NWS says the snow to liquid with this storm is 7\8 to 1. Good luck to everyone who gets ice or snow!! payup


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Arc Burn,
I'm in the same situation as you.
We had almost 3' on Christmas and now they're saying 10-18 for this storm.

Our seasonal total so far is 47" our average for the year is under 70" so we're taking a beating here right now.

Having snowstorms every 5-7 days and some ice storms thrown in to boot.

Good thing all my big contracts are per push/ per inch.

Making some good money so far but would be nice to have some time off to relax too.Still haven't had time to do anything with the kids since Christmas.


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The latest here said 10-16 inches. Good thing I finished up removing from my commercials last night. Supposed to get another good one on Tuesday. I can't wait!!!!


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Hey all, just thought Id let you all in on whats going on in toronto, richmond-hill , and markham ONTARIO, Ive been out since 2 am its now 2pm and its still snowing good Im guessing 20 cm with another 10-15 falling today. We havent had this much in one shot for a long time ! Im lovin it . Cant tell you how happpy I am with my set up WESTERNS ROCK!!LOL.. Im going to sleep now, ill be up around 2am again!! everyone have a great day!!

BTW Im not seeing many pics in action whats up wiht that??


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Mid Michigan

This would be one of the many days not having a day job would rock. So the weather station said we got 2 to 4 as a recap, but predicted 1-2 last night. So this morning I go out and 4-6 everywhere I check. As the 7am mark gets near, normal contracts done, I went home, dropped the blade and drove into work, yep, lot's of money passed up on the way in to my "job". UGH. 1' in front of most drives and lot's that had not been pushed at that time from the DOT plows. A couple of pullouts and almost tears, as I had to just let them go. I would quit the day job if we had 300" every year... WOW...

If I won the Lotto, I would still plow... :D

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We'll be heading back out to clean up in about an hour. We had maybe 6" here but other areas right around us got significantly more due to lake effect. Plowed 12:30am-9:30am last night and will probably need only half that amount of time to finish tonite.

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