Here comes the mother load!!!!


I plowed for years with my '53 Willys. It worked the blizzard of '78 and then went into retirement. In 1985 it went on vacation and didn't return. It probably came back as a Toyota! Auto heaven is not everything it is made up to be.

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Dayton, Ohio USA
I've found that a good thing to carry are these little packets called "Hot Hands". They are little pillow looking pouches that you shake up and they produce heat. When you open the package the shaking and the exposure to air set off a chemical reaction. If you are stranded for whatever reason they will stay warm for up to 10 hrs. and maybe keep your hands from frost bite.
I ralize that this is extreme for this storm but I keep them in all vehicle glove boxes in the winter months.
Remember the key is to "survive to plow another day".


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