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I own 2 Boss V 7'6". The wings will not move more than about a 1/4 of an inch at the cylinder.

Background is both V's are approx 2 years old. They both have had fluid changed at the beginning of each season.

They each have about 100 hours of plowing time on them so far this season.

The circumstance is on our last snow event each plowed for approx 15-20 hours. Tempertures ranged from -28c to -36c. During the coldest parts of the night both plows seemed to be experincing some freeze up as one wing would not move but after several minutes they began moving again. They began working fine again and no further problems during that snow event. We parked the plows in the park position in tempertures of approx -28 to -30c.

We had another snow event yesterday with tempertures at -10c. We put the plows back on and the main clylinder worked fine as the plow moves up and down perfectly. But on both trucks the wings will not extend they are jammed in the V-position. Both plows are equipped with smartlock cylinders.

How do we fix this problem? Since both plows are experincing the exact same problem I'm assuming it is enviromental because of the temperture change. Since the temperture has risen 20c has the fluid expanded in the cyclinders and caused so much pressure that the smarlocks are not opening or am I facing a freeze up in the 2 cylinders? I think it is unlikely that it is a freeze up since all the wings in both plows are not working but the main cyclinder is working fine. I am leaning towards fluid expansion inside the smartlock jaming the valves. What do you think and how do I correct the problem. Please reply quick. We are expecting another snow event Monday.