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Help With Salt Per Ton

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by KUJAWA RSK, Feb 1, 2005.


    KUJAWA RSK Member
    from PA
    Messages: 63

    Hi guy's
    I need help with pricing salt per ton. I can get it for $55 a ton.
    do i charge like $125 a ton? can you help me.
  2. capital

    capital Senior Member
    Messages: 127

    I would suggest you come up with a number for what you are going to charge per ton of salt delivered and spread. IE figure out what does it really cost you to buy it, store it, load it, deliver it to each job site, then factor in your time, employee time, and wear and tear on your equipment and cost of said equipment/ Then decide what you need to make and set your price.
  3. Mdirrigation

    Mdirrigation Senior Member
    Messages: 413

    How much would you charge per 50 lb bag? Around here its $ 25.00 spread.
    A ton would be 40 , 50 lb bags . So $ 1000.00 would be the price around here. I run 2 v boxes , the benefit of purchacing bulk salt and having the equipment to spread it is money in my pocket not a discount to the customer . When spreading salt from a v box , also consider , loading the salt , storing the salt , or the time to drive and pick up the salt, also the time it takes to completely clean the spreader . You would be making 70 a ton , not enough to cover the time to pick up salt and the time to clean the spreader.
  4. Randy Scott

    Randy Scott Senior Member
    Messages: 142

    $125 a ton sounds fair.
  5. Highpoint

    Highpoint Senior Member
    Messages: 241

    We currently buy salt by the bag. Average 50 lb bag costs $4.80. Installing for $20.00 to $25.00 per bag depending on client and my mood! :rolleyes:

    Can't wait till we are set up for bulk!
  6. SkykingHD

    SkykingHD Senior Member
    Messages: 368

    Bulk salt set up

    Do not under price salt as the cost to store and handle it is very high.

    Bulk spreader $3400 to 7000+
    coverall building to cover salt $3500
    concrete floor in cover all building $1200
    Backhoe to load salt $8000-85000
    electric, lights, maintenance, if on dirt not paved cost of gravel to keep the mud away in winter as salt keeps the ground from freezing,

    Remember steel, copper, water and salt can distroy a truck in a very short time. Maintenance costs skyrocket.

    Yes the salt is cheaper but at a cost.

    Been there done that.
  7. salt shaker

    salt shaker Member
    Messages: 65

    The sound of someone pricing your material for you..... Priceless.

    It may not be a simple task but we have all had to do it. I would follow Capital's advice and that way it helps you realize what it costs to actually run your business, and the price you need to make a profit.
  8. SkykingHD

    SkykingHD Senior Member
    Messages: 368

    Salt pricing

    Capital and Salt Shaker

    AMEN Brother !

    After ya spend $30K to save 50% on your salt now what do ya do? LOL

  9. IndySnowPlow

    IndySnowPlow Senior Member
    from Indiana
    Messages: 214

    My salt is FREE to the customer.....they just pay for the labor.... to apply it.
  10. cet

    cet PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 7,257

    All of these things depend on how much salting you have. If you are going to spread 2 tons per night you need a truck. If you are going to spread 10 tons you still need the same truck. You have to decide how much per ton your overhead is. We spread between 15 to 20 tons per night. We use V box spreaders and have our own skid steer and location to store bulk salt. The guys around here running tailgate salters and bag salt have work but do not have a chance at our work as they are too expensive and slow at salting. We price locations per time and not by the ton. We have to put down enough material to salt it out. Sometimes more sometimes less. It is something that comes with experience. I will use 600 to 800 tons per year. With this volume my overhead per ton is low which helps in my pricing but I am not the cheapest but not the most expensive either. In town if you have to buy from the salt depot it is 40% more then I pay. This also helps me.