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help with pricing driveways

Discussion in 'Bidding & Estimating' started by heman, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. heman

    heman Member
    Messages: 52

    hi everyone, i have an oppurtunity to plow a crap load of driveways, for a village, i have not done driveway for a very long time. i just got rid of two pickups and looking to replace them with a farm tractor. so there is two question one what is a going rate to plow driveways in northern chicago suburbs average size 20x30 and larger. second what is the best sized tractor to plow roads and driveways? road speed will matter a bit some on the connecting roads that i do are a mile apart. i have lots of plow sizes to pick from so that doesn't matter. commercial plows 10' - 12', danials 12' plow etc.
  2. fairwaymowing

    fairwaymowing Member
    Messages: 90

    1. 10'-12' plow? None of these people will have cars parked in the driveway? People will love not being able to plow next to parked cars.
    2. Seasonal or per trip pricing? How much snow do you get? What are your costs (fuel, insurance)?
    3. Tractor with a cab is a must and how 'fast' is the fastest tractor a top speed? 15 mph.
    4. Good luck.
    5. I suggest getting a day job.
  3. heman

    heman Member
    Messages: 52

    i was mearly meaning i have multiple sizes of snowplows to use, we already plow the streets and they have shown interest in get there drives done.
    fuel is on average $4.00 per gal
    42"-45" of snow fall per year
    seasonal could be good
    day job whats up with that?????