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Well guys, here’s my sob story! I’m posting this at a few of the forums because I really need some help with this. I hope I don’t get flamed for it. I was deployed downrange in the desert while all the “forum” wars were going on and new forums were popping up so I’m not really up to speed with who went where, etc, etc. I know I’ve been a terrible poster lately at all the forums, hopefully when things cool down over here I’ll have more time to get back into it.

I’m trying to put together a “new and improved” Snow & Ice Control School for the 60+ augmentee’s we pull from other shops in my squadron every year. They normally have no experience with heavy equipment, larger trucks, or snow removal, so its always a hard task to get them up to speed.

I’ve got an idea on what I want to put together so far, I’m just looking for some examples of others lesson plans, operators courses, policies, systems, etc for your employees. I can really use some type of skid steer training course and things of that nature. Remember now, I’m in the Air Force, this is for your military, not for personal profit, so don’t let that hold you back.

Please, if you can help me out with any links or good information, e-mail me at or I appreciate any help you guys are willing to give me!

Thanks in Advance!

P.S. John Allin and Chuck Smith, I’m trying to dig up your e-mail addy’s so I can e-mail you about crediting your books, SIMA info, etc.

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You might want to check out these links too...

Bobcat offers training resources...

Here is what Case says on their web site: "Ask your Case dealer about the training programs available for operators too. Training is just another way Case Construction Equipment provides and supports customer-focused solutions for you."

New Holland has Operator Manuals available for purchase on this page.

John Deere offers many training resources too:

CAT has a US Millitary page. I think they might be able to help!^US_fed._gov't/military^US_fed._gov't.html


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