Help with ice?????

Ok i parked my trailer on a low spot last fall so now the tires are about six inches under ice!!!!!! LOL Duh What i am wondering is is there anything on the market that would melt that much ice fairly fast! I need the trailer soon! I have used regular rock salt but buy the time it starts to melt its night time again and the temp drops so its ice again!!!! Thanks guys
It's going to be like 50 degrees around here tomorrow. Just pack the salt in there early in the morning and make sure the sun isn't blocked. Try it again just before sunset or when it's warmest. Try calcium chloride or whatever works better for lower temperatures. If that doesn't work get out the torpedo heater and try it again when it gets warmer. (I once had to dig a grave for my beloved dog with that salamander trick.) Put a jack under the wheels and put pressure on it while your melting it. Take all the weight off it that you can. Use a bigger truck. Get some gas.. try dynamite... If you need any more bright ideas I've got a few more. Doc

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If you have a heat gun, or even a hair dryer, use that to warm the surface of the ice, and the pile some salt on there and keep the heat gun going. It'll speed up the process quite a bit.


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The question is where will you park it next year? The salamander thing will work better if you tarp the area and hold some of the heat in. Of course you must keep in mind the exhaust temperature and give plenty of room for clearance of the tarp.


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