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help with decision

Discussion in 'Residential Snow Removal' started by drownedtj, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. drownedtj

    drownedtj Junior Member
    Messages: 3

    how is goin. i have been lurking for about 2 weeks now. i need a lil input and hope you all can help me out.

    i have a 99 jeep TJ with 3in suspension 1in BL on it with 33/12.5 mtr's. would like to put a plow on it to help my girls father plow his trailer park and maybe make some extra cash in the off season(when i am not 4 wheelin). i spent the past like week and half using the search for TJ with plows. and seen a couple. but for some reason most of the pic wont show.
    as far as what i want is a western because the red matches my jeep :) stoped on the local dealer and they are saying i should go with the suburbante(sp) but i personaly dont like the rubber"trip springs". i hope these link work but i think i norowed it down to 3 plows...
    this is the western sport utility
    this is the meyer TMP 6.5
    and i am also eyeing up the western LSX polw..
    can you help a noobeee out with a decision ..
    oh.. i am from central jersey(woodbridge) just for the record
    thanks, mike
  2. Ole JIM

    Ole JIM Senior Member
    Messages: 137

    --I Dono? about using a Jeep TJ? in Plowing a Mobil Home Park? OH a TJ will Plow a lot of Snow!--but--its a Bit too LIGHT to Do the Mobil Home Parks I have Seen!--IF? I were YOU!--I*D just keep Dateing My Girl freind-His DAughter! & spend that TIME w/HER!--having FUN? & let Her Dad get A Pro--Plower to Do His Mobil Home Park!--other-WISE? I think? YOU will Evenually Tear UP your TJ attempting to DO More than its Designed to DO!--my Opinion!--& I have Plowed for over 50 yrs!--& w/Your TJ Broken--Down--YOU & Your Girl freind are Dead in the Water!--w/ NO WHEELS!--& thats a Real NO! NO!--for Young People Today!--You asked? so I Answered! Take Care!--Ole JIM--
  3. drownedtj

    drownedtj Junior Member
    Messages: 3

    hey jim... lol thanks for the reply..

    it not that i only want a plow "just to plow a mobile home estate park". my main goal is to earn the extra $$ in the winter. it just so happens that the girlfriends father has a park to plow. he uses his 04 ford 150 with a 7.5 western on it. but if i get the plow for my jeep help him out then hook up with someone looking for help i can earn the extra cash. alao i figure if i say i will help her dad, the 3k for the plow will be a lil more understanding in her eyes(well hopefuly)

    as far as spending time with her. we both still live with parents me 25 her 24 and saving to get our own place. hence the need for the money. i am not one of those "have everything handed to me" i am a 25 year old who know that it takes hard work to get what you want in the end. and not afraid to get dirty or bust my ass..

    your jeep driving friend,
  4. Makndust

    Makndust Senior Member
    Messages: 324

    Something that you might look into is which manufacturers make a mount for your jeep that hangs low enough. It does sound like the jeep is a ways off the ground the way that you have it set up. The body lift won't matter but the suspension lift does along with the over sized tires. Also you are going to look into a ballast issue for the rear of the jeep.
  5. justme-

    justme- 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,138

    Don't buy a plow because of the color- any plow can be painted red. Buy the plow for it's weight, design, features, etc. The 3inch lift can be a problem- the higher the frame the angle of the blade changes- you want the blade at the angle it was designed for to work properly. A 1inch lift is not normally an issue but over that CAN be a significant issue.

    The dealer recomended that blade because of it's weight for your Jeep. Jeeps will plow but not well because, as Ole Jim said, they are light and not designed for that kind of work.

    My wife comes with me plowing sometimes- she helps shovel when I need to and I buy her lunch, dinner, cofee, whatever depending on the time- it's nice to have some company sometimes- I wish my dog was better behaved in the truck. If you want to make $$ plowing a TJ is prolly not the best thing to start out with- you will get storms you simply can't handle. Not to discourage you just to make you aware of the cold truth. And a CJ is better built for plowing from what I have seen.

    Now, a trailer park is also probabily not the best place to be learning how to plow in- they are tight confined spaces and you really have very limited spaces to leave the snow- you need a truck that can push the snow to the end of a row without having to drop it on people's lawns remember. Why not ask her father to teach you how to plow in the F150- then maybe you could start taking over the plowing in his truck for a season or two until your a little experianced and can save some $$ up to put a plow on your truck.

    It's rare to pay for a new plow in a single season- it's an investment especially when your new to plowing- think abut how long it will take you to make back $3000 at $25-$50 per driveway. Now add your other expenses- maintenance- extra battery, fuel, tires....
  6. b2driver

    b2driver Member
    from MD
    Messages: 89


    I know what it's like trying to save up for a house. My wife and I just moved into ours 2 years ago. Something you might want to think about is your investment. If you invest 3000 into a plow this year, how long is it going to take you to recoup that cost and turn a profit? The season is almost over, what will you do the rest of the year to make cash for the house? I can understand wanting to plow cause it looks cool and stuff, but I would try to find a job that pays year round with lower initial costs. Just a thought.
  7. drownedtj

    drownedtj Junior Member
    Messages: 3

    thanks for the replies guys. i know the way i worded the post sounds like i want a plow cause "its cool" or "it mathces the jeep". i have plowed before with someone elses junk. but have moved and no longer work for them due to the distance. i understand like 2-3 g' is a lot of money to plop down on something that will take a season or 3 to pay for its self. but the way i saw it was this.. during the summer have all brackets removed from frame of veichle. when fall come around and it starts gettin cold put the frame brackets on. when a storm is predicted to hit hook the plow up just before the storm hits... as it hits, be out there doing a couple of small jobs. small parking lots ,driveway's ect. nothing hardcore like clearing county roads or parking lots that are 14 acres big.

    as far as the season being over. i know that. this purchase will most likely be made over the summer for next winter. which will give me time to decide what i want/if i want. was kinda hoping for people with tjs to step up to the plate and get some info to better infulence my decision. ie... upgrading anything else dual batt ect, how much it sags in the front, and broken parts.
    are there any aditiona parts need to souport the plow.

    it not just cause its cool or matches my jeep its more of. if i have the opertuinty to get one. and hook up with the right person to work for. would you recomend it and what are the pros and cons..