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I have a 2000 2500 crew cab and looking to improve the look of the truck. I am hoping to add a 2-4 inch lift (suspension) and am wondering cost, installation difficulty and performance. I do very little off road with it. What brands are out there,and good and bad stories of brands are appreciated. Also, anything goes wrong with it what are some good companies to deal with.

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2wd or 4wd?

I know this may sound stupid but is your truck a 2wd or 4wd. Its probably a 4wd but lots of people are into lifting 2wd's these days and many manufacture's are metting those needs by offering lots of 2wd lifts. I can't offer any help as of what a new truck cost to lift. Some of my favorite lift companies are Superlift, Rough Country, and Tough Country. Any new off-road type magazine you browse through should give you a relative idea of how expensive it will be. I recomend for the cheapest lift 4" blocks in the rear IFS suspension lift in the front. Also you may search for their websites. By far the cheapest and my least favorite option would be a body lift. What I don't like about body lifts over an 1" is that it leaves much of the frame in plain view. Hope I helped a little...
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Go back to the dealer you bought the truck from and make sure they won't void your warranty if you install a lift. Most will say yes, and those who say no, change their tune (and void it) when something breaks that has nothing to do with the lift......

Better to be safe than sorry.



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I sold chevy trucks for three years and recently just left the buisness. my frend who i worked with sold a crew cab chevy with an 8100 in it and he went with superlift, but he also went with an 6 inch kit. the truck looks great and still keeps a great ride. so far he has had no problems in the past 8 months he has had it. if your about the warranty issue i wouldn't put more than a three inch lift on it, just saying that from the fact of wha i have dealt with in the past with the shop.