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Central CT
I have an invitation to bid on a Masonic temple for plowing. Two connected rectangular, level parking lots 13,000 and 3,000 square feet with 600 lf sidewalks on three sides (its on two corners). No stairways. Plow and sand each storm.

Im actually asking for estimates on the time it should take with a pickup and 8 foot plow. I presently have the bulk of my accounts as driveways and a condo complex, which isnt in the same league as this.

I dont usually bid these sites but I was asked by the treasurer to submit a bid, and it only needs to be cleaned at certain times when meetings are scheduled, almost always evenings. It would fit in well after my other accounts are done.

Any help would be appreciated.


GeoffD Veteran
I really can't give you an hour estimate on how long it would take to plow the area. There are so many variables.

1. Amount and type of snow plowed
2. Condition of lot sets your speed.
3. Are there speed bumps?
4. Where can you put the snow?

I think it would be a good account, because of the time that the plowing has to be done at.

Just whatch the words you say while plowing, you might not be able to say the tradition, ahh f___.


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Central CT
40-something views and only one comment? C'mon guys, tell me what you think. What would YOU do? Ive got a rough idea but Im going to put it in a 4-season bid, the snow part is where Im a little shaky. Dont want to sink the whole thing, but I wouldnt want to leave money on the table either.

n y snow pros

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I gotta agree with Geoff,I dont see how its possible to give u a fair number without seeing the lot.I am not trying to be difficult,but without seeing it i cant give you a number without more info like,how many parking spaces are there,are there speed bumps,parking curbs,what are the curbs made of concrete or asphalt(asphalt peels easily).Is there drainage for freeze and thawings.there is alot of variables which you need to post which i feel would give us a better idea of what youn are up against.Any trees overhanging the lot they get real low in the winter with snow on them etc.
I have been off-line for 2 weeks since I bid a 12,000 cord logging job in Hornepayne, Ontario. I am running 3 feller bunchers, 3 grapple skidders and two delimbers around the clock so I can get out of here before Sept. 30. Anyway, I'm getting caught up with your talk now that I've got my roaming numbers up to date.

We do four similar lots at a complex where Legion vets live. We have cars to contend with here, but our churches are probably like your Masonic Lodge where you have no cars. If you have no cars and good straight pushes, you will clean up in little time. The trick to it is to bid your time at $120/hr at least, and hit the mark.

Our Legion accounts are about 60 feet by 100 feet, with cars to deal with, and I charge $75 each (x4) equals a good 1 and 1/2 hours work. I do not sand.

The churches are smaller, and they do not pay nearly as well as the above, but they do pay on time and the referals are great from both the Legion and churches.

Hope this helps


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Somerset, NJ
Damn, I'll feel so bad for having looked without posting. Sometimes the new software has a con vs. all of the pros LOL. Like the others' said, always lots of variables to look at. I know with one of my 7.5's I do lots that are larger in sq. ft., and not nice rectangles, in about an hour by myself (one push before it gets deep). So if its easy (based on all of the variables mentioned) your 8 ft plow should be able to get it done in an hour (probably less, but do you have a minimum price?) at the most. Use that as a base maybe, then consider the other variables, shoveling that sidewalk?, and the sand. Good luck.

Alan Addict
I've gotta agree with Geoff and John, it's virtually impossible to give advice on pricing a specific site without seeing it. Too many variables to consider, most of which I find I never really think about until I am actually looking at a job when I'm pricing it.

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Central CT
Thank you for the comments so far. It is two rectangular lots, one a small 10 space lot approx 60x60 ft the other larger rectangular 200x60 ft. They are connected at the front by a small apron that leads to the front doors. Level, no bumps, no parking blocks. Plenty of room to pile snow on the lawn.

Im thinking an hour at the most, if its wet and heavy stuff, plus the sidewalks. Plus sand.


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Where are you located? What is your annual snow fall? What level of service are they desiring? How many ice events do you average per season? Is there a high traffic volume during snow events?
All these items factor into a bid price. The biggest is annual snowfall. If you average 0-20" per year then your price will be greater than if you average 200-300 inches per year. The less snow you recieve the more of a premium service you provide.
I support what Deere John said regardign basing your hourly rate at $ 125-150.
Then add your walks and ice control after that.
Not sure but an hour should be all it takes including walks and spreading deicer.
So what you need to do is figure your per time rate ,and then multiply x the average times per season that it needs to be done, and add that to your seasonal figure.
In my area, I generally average my snow plowing per account at 2x what my monthly mowing charge is. That is for per push accounts smaller than 1 acre of mowing and or 10000 sq ft of plowing. For example we mow a condo and that runs about $ 600.00 per month, and they average $ 1200.00 per month for snow plowing. We average 40" per season and 3-5 ice events.

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