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Help!! What is this piece?

Discussion in 'Truck & Equipment Repair' started by 1993f250, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. 1993f250

    1993f250 Junior Member
    from USA, NJ
    Messages: 1

    Hi I have attached a picture of what I need help finding! It is off of an old Fisher A5795 plow controller and the little nipple piece broke and now I can't raise or lower my plow up and down. I don't want to buy a new controller as they are all expensive and would rather just replace the part and have spares with me just incase this happens again. Does anyone know what these things are called and where I can buy them or what size they are? Please Help and Thank You in advance!


    NICHOLS LANDSCA PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 4,362

    It's just a ball end bolt, should be able to find at the hardware store