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help please

Discussion in 'Fisher Engineering Discussion' started by bryanR, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. bryanR

    bryanR Member
    Messages: 57

    hey guys. my friend just got an 8ft plow plade and a-frame and needs to find all the other parts. will the headgear off a smaller plow work? or does he haveto find all 8ft parts? basically if we find a crappy 7.5 blade but it has a good headgear will ti fit? will the ram be long enough?
  2. buddymanzpop

    buddymanzpop Senior Member
    Messages: 603

    The 8 foot uses a different push beam on the headgear than a 7 1/2, 8's and 9's are the same, the push beam is what the A-frame connects to, the 7 1/2 is somewhere around 23 1/2" on center and the 8" and 9's are around 25 1/2" on center, I think you could bolt either push beam to a headset so the lift ram and other components are universal.
  3. chevyzrule810

    chevyzrule810 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,288

    If it is an older style blade then you would have to use a minute mount 1 headgear.The later minute mount 1 headgears and all minute mount 2 have a much heavier a frame.So you would need a minute mount 1 headgear.