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Help! Need bulk salt supplier in Dayton Ohio

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by HelpWanted, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. HelpWanted

    HelpWanted Junior Member
    from Dayton
    Messages: 4

    I run a large facility in Dayton, but operate with small salt tonage deliveries. I need a supplier that can sell/deliver 6-14 ton at a time bulk. My current supplier southwest landmark is not selling salt anymore, and I can't locate another vendor that will deliver less than 20 tons at a time. I typically go through 200 tons a season bulk and 30-50 skids of rock, and calcium.Any one that can help is appreciated.
  2. rblake

    rblake Senior Member
    from dayton
    Messages: 293

    call me, i found you someone to bring you 5 to 6 tons at a time.
  3. hdelectraglide

    hdelectraglide Member
    Messages: 62

    check westren depot, west milton oh
  4. studebaker48

    studebaker48 Member
    Messages: 53

    email these guys they might help you sales@gwebbinc.com or I would try heritage co op in milford center ,ohio
  5. pro seal

    pro seal Junior Member
    Messages: 6

    still looking for salt, call me 740-928-1439