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HELP! Meyer E47 Diagnosis

Discussion in 'Truck & Equipment Repair' started by Stubborn, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. Stubborn

    Stubborn Junior Member
    Messages: 2

    Hello everyone. I am fairly new at working on plows, and I'm NOT stupid!!! I have an issue with this plow I bought last year (st-90), it's used and I have no clue to the Year. I have researched these forums for about 6hours the last two days and I already downloaded the manual for the plow and read it all the way through. The plow has been disconnected since last fall, worked when I dropped it, the main piston did have a leak that I forgot to fix all summer. About two weeks ago, I hooked back up (prolly frozen up due to cold freezing weather all week). Just loud clicks when I hit the buttons, nothing else. I took truck in garage, turbo heated it for a couple of hours, drained the milky fluid out and replaced it with new. While I did that, I noticed whoever mounted the motor to the plow frame put it on backwards, the front is in back, back is in front!! Still worked last year tho! I pulled a double nut off, which NOW that I have the manual was the hex nut for the crossover relief valve, I pulled it out, but only to the spring to drain some fluid, I didn't adjust the screw or mess with that, just put it back in with the bigger socket (11/16?) then put the hex back on. I pulled and cleaned two screens. Added fluid. Hooked back up and connected. Still big click, checked all connections, all good, added fluid and ended up tapping the pump motor, then it would whine and the angles worked, but no up, only left angle when I hit UP, and when I first hit Right angle, it would still pull left until I clicked up a few times fast, still only left angling, no up. Added more fluid, move plow around, kept adding fluid,finally full and pressure would squirt some out when you crack that refill nut. NO UP!! The trouble shooting page says B valve which DID TEST HOT, as did A and C.....now it says "B-valve clean or replace". Cleaned and NO UP!! :mad:
    So, you see, I have tried it all and am lost now. I have no clue, :gunsfiring: eBay the whole damn thing!! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!! :help:
  2. GRIZZ88

    GRIZZ88 Junior Member
    from WI
    Messages: 9

    Angles when you hit up is a valve issue....could be bad ground on magnet, bad magnet, bad valve, bad wire connection,,,,,if your at a loss with it swap out the two magnets and see if it will raise but not go right,...super simple design....I can tell from past experience its usually a grounding issue
  3. Stubborn

    Stubborn Junior Member
    Messages: 2


    Thanks grizz, I checked the ground like you said, magnet.........didn't draw anything, ran a new one in and BAM! She's up and running! Thank you for your expertise, I never would've thought about a ground!