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Help Identifying Plow!

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First time owning a full on truck plow! I just purchased it cheap in plans of using next winter, we are over plowing our large property with a quad.
Need some help identifying the type of plow it is! Will be purchasing a electric hydraulic pump and could use some recommendations on a pump for it. I’ve seen a cheap option on vevor for around $350 Canadian but does not have a float option. Is this something that is necessary or is it okay to just lower all the way?
Thanks I’m advance for the help!

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Looks to me like an old western, with a home made mount.
x2. What are you mounting it on? someone did a bunch of cutting and welding on this at some point to make it fit their application. You’ll likely need to do the same. If you can weld and fabricate it can be simple but if you have to hire someone it could get expensive quick. Add in having to buy a pump, controller, other parts, you may be less money buying a unit that hasn’t been molested. You can usually buy older straight blades for less than 1k that come with controllers, pump/motor, sometimes even the right mount. Just something for you to consider
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That mount don't look right.
The cylinder part is bolted to the lower A-frame.

What was this Frankenstein on?

Trying to figure that one out myself….
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