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Help Identifying Plow!

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First time owning a full on truck plow! I just purchased it cheap in plans of using next winter, we are over plowing our large property with a quad.
Need some help identifying the type of plow it is! Will be purchasing a electric hydraulic pump and could use some recommendations on a pump for it. I’ve seen a cheap option on vevor for around $350 Canadian but does not have a float option. Is this something that is necessary or is it okay to just lower all the way?
Thanks I’m advance for the help!

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This is the heart of making this operational.
Without having to piece it all together with factory parts.
You will need to fab mounts for your truck, or find them on line.
Storks would be a good place to start for that.
If for nothing else to get the part #'s for the pieces,so you know what you're looking for on Ebay or Amazon, etc.
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