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I wrote to the fourm already but I must have done something wrong because it never posted so I'll rewrite it.

I own 2 Boss V. There both approx 2 years old. The fluid was changed at the beginning of the year. Both are equipped with smartlock cylinders. I'm just guessing but they have been used close to 100 hours this year.

On our last snow event the tempertures were between -28 and -34c. Several time throughout the night the wings would suddenly jam up and lock up in the V position. After several minutes they would continue to work. When we finnished using the plows we took them off and the temperture was approx -30c.

On Saturday we had a small sciff of snow and we put the plows on both trucks. They attached with no problem and the main ram worked perfectly well. But on both plows the wings were locked in the V-position. The temperture outside was now -10c. 20 degrees warmer than when we stowed them from several nights back.

We thought maybe there was a hydraulic overpressure from the temperture warm up but we cracked the hoses to ease the pressure but no change. I'm not sure that would have even helped because I believe there is a valve inside the smartlock. We still could onlu get about 1/4 inch of movement on the wing cylinders. The pump is working fine and all the wires and grounds are working fine.

The temperture dropped that night down to -25c and I tried both trucks again. Both were working perfectly fine.

This morning I had to do a small job and I went out to the job site. The wings worked excellent for about 15 minutes and then the left wing suddenly locked in the retracted position and would not move. The right wing was working perfectly fine and the ram was working perfectly fine. I did not try the other plow this morning. Today the temperture was -22c.

The fluid does not look milky. In fact it looks perfectly fine. I'm thinking that I must have some water in the system's but I thought that as the plow got colder it would just lock up tighter which led me to think that maybe there was a hydraulic lock from the temperture change. Mind you we've had these plows 2 years with no problems and with heavy use and then for both to have the exact same problem.

What do you think? Has anyone else had these same problems. I'm wondering if maybe the smartlock might be more susceptable to a bit of water contamination causing the lock?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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We are going to need some additional information to solve this one. I'm going to direct you to Boss Technical Support.

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Joppa, Maryland
When you come to a conclusion, please post it on the forum so others can learn in case it ever happens to them. Sounds like a frustrating problem, the only thing that sounds good in the post is that you are getting snow.


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I'll let you know as soon as I get a reply. As far as snow January was good. February has been a dud. Hopefully March will give us some big snow. Very weird year as temps are way higher than normal. Only 2 weeks of bitterly cold the rest has been mild.