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I am in a spot that no one around me pre treats or uses treated salt or liquid brine. i have been pre treating with ibg magic salt and clearlane. every time i try to get the bigger lots ( banks or stores) i speak about pre-treating and get the we dont need that its a wast of money or every one would do it, or the famous our curent contractor told us it will only coast us more with no major differance. this year i am adding a liquid sprayer and could use any advice on how to better sell the pre-treat as that is what sets my company apart from any competitor, but it is hard as every one around here ( other contractors ) have mad me out to look like a fruit loop even tho the accounts we have refuse to go with any one that dont pre treat. one of are lots was approached by 3 contractors and they were denied for not offering pertreating and the they were telling them its a gimmick and i am lying to them that snow and ice manage meant is to plow and salt after to deal with ice. this has made them question me even tho they have seen results is there something can do to get past the name my competition has spread about me and get new accounts ( lierature i can print hand bring????

thank you

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If your pretreated lots are next to untreated lots, take pictures after it snows to show your lot vs the untreated lot to your potential customer. Would be best to have both shots in the same picture.

A picture says 1,000 words......


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offer a test strip on their lot your cost, talk with them onsite and discuss results, explain there is a time for pretreat, and not always needed(ie before ice events it helps)
remind them of liability issues

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It's tough to sell pre treat to per application customers! Mine won't either!!! Even last year when we started pre wetting, the only ones that question it are the ones on per application? "How much will it cost"


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The problem is usually $$$. Got to sell them on the insurance/liability issues. And to be fair,in many cases it is a waste of time. But when done under the proper circumstances you look like a hero. At times I'll pretreat with no charge if I know it will help me out later.

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