Help! E47 drops and won't lift

Discussion in 'Meyer / Diamond Products Discussion' started by necompressor, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. necompressor

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    Just changed the fluid in the pump head (didn't do the cylinders), and now it dropped and won't raise. Angles but seems a little slow. It will raise the lift arm without the plow hooked, and I can push it down by hand. Recently replaced the b coil and valve as well. Where should I start? Thanks!
  2. OP

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    Ok, so I put a heat gun to it, and it started to work ok. Lifts, angles raises and holds. Before I hooked it up today, I did do a 3 hour highway run with no blade - could it still have some moisture freezing something up?
  3. loc

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    Your pump is freezing because you have a leak.
    -check rams for pitting
    -check all fittings and quick couplers
    -change all fluid and make sure you flush out the rams.
    Don't waste time and money changing fluid until you fix the leak. I have been fighting the same battle.
  4. Bashby

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    if it just started right after you changed the fluid I dont see how it could have been frozen, my guess is it had air in it and it worked its way out over time.. nothing to do with the heat gun.