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HELP, angled won't come back

Discussion in 'Boss Plows Discussion' started by Indy, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. Indy

    Indy Senior Member
    Messages: 704

    Any help would be great!

    I have a RT3, Smart hitch 2, 7-6" Super duty

    Plow goes up and down fine, angled right and won't come back to center or left???

    I hear the pump having pressure but no movement left????
    I have good quick up and down but no left

    We have freezing rain right now
  2. DSLL

    DSLL Senior Member
    Messages: 136

    I would check under the cover to see if all the wires are connected.
  3. Indy

    Indy Senior Member
    Messages: 704

    Thanks DSLL,

    I will give it a look.

    One other thing I noticed is that when I push the left or right angle I hear the click and the pump engages but no movement??

    I checked and added fluid but it didn't take much fluid so I don't think that was it and I cleaned the block plug and terminals on the truck and plow side. But still no go.....I go check the wires.

    Mike C:salute:
  4. cameo89

    cameo89 Senior Member
    Messages: 669

    I have had the same problem in the past, mine was the (red & red w/ black wire) you should always have power to 2 of these coil/hydraulic valves when plow is in motion
    1 power to push/1 power to release

    Have some one help you (some one in truck to control switch) pull cover off and check the red & red w/ white wires w/ a test light and see if you have power to both when you try to angle plow, if not touch a 12 volt pos. jumper wire to the one that has no power if this makes your plow angle then you have a short or a bad wire in your harness.

    Colors below or heres a direct link (see pages 7,8 & 9)


    Wire Color Wire Function

    Green -------------Blade Left
    Red ----------------Blade Right out-----push
    White -------------Lift/up
    Orange -----------Lower/down
    Red/Black ------Blade Right in-----release
    Blue ---------------Blade Left

    Good luck & Hope this helps, Yon
  5. HBT

    HBT Junior Member
    from se mich
    Messages: 6

    Mornin Indy, I had the same thing happen last week. The ground under the cover came loose. Just dis-connect the lift cyl, pop the cover off and re-attach. Easy fix, but check all the others while you are in there. Have a good day there guy.
  6. B&B

    B&B PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 12,777

    If you dont find any grounds off or loose on the angle valve, check the green/blue wire for 12V while holding the controller in the angle left function. Will tell you if the signal is getting from the controller to the coil.

    If you've got power and ground then the valve is stuck or the coil is shot. Check it for magnetism first. If it's good, then the valve is stuck.
  7. Indy

    Indy Senior Member
    Messages: 704

    Thanks for all the help, I have pulled off and re-attached every lead just to make sure I didn't miss any and it is still full right, the pump engages for left or right but she aint mov'n

    I left it in a heated garage overnight just incase i had ice in the valve body but I haven't got by the garage to check it yet????

    Just so I am looking at the right, the valve that is likely to be causing this is the horizontal one just behind the lift ram.

    THanks again
  8. Indy

    Indy Senior Member
    Messages: 704

    The heat didn't fix it, BUT it's fixed.

    I pulled off every lead again and cleaned the connectors with emery paper and made sure each lead fit snug to tight and then I went to the truck/plow plug and cleaned the male ends with a small wire brush and then I cleaned the female end on the truck side with a course screw and some electric parts cleaner and put it all back together and what a sweet sound with snow on the way!! It worked great. I sprayed everything with fluid film buttoned it up and I am ready for some snow

    Thanks to all for the assist, you guys are great.:salute:

    Even Dano for the Fluid Film, I still can't get over how well that stuff works (really)
  9. payton

    payton Senior Member
    Messages: 470

    snow on the way you must be watching too much tv.. indy isnt going to get any damn snow.