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Help! 95 F-Series Fading Brake Pedal.

Discussion in 'Ford Trucks' started by Letssailme, May 12, 2005.

  1. Letssailme

    Letssailme Junior Member
    from Ohio
    Messages: 1

    Fading brake pedal. I have a 1995 F-350. I recently replaced the brake pads and shoes. After doing so, I notice a fading brake pedal. I don't know if it was there before I done the work and I never notice it (it does take considerable steady pressure to push it to the floor) or if it was a result of something I've done during the pad replacement. However, since noticing it, I've made sure shoes are properly adjusted, bled and bled the system, changed the M/C twice, replaced all rubber brake lines, replaced the RABS, vibrated the calipers while bleeding, bled and bled some more and I still have a fading brake pedal. Has anyone encountered and solved this problem? I've heard of the Zero-Loss Travel brake booster but before I spend any more money, I wanted to make sure of what I'm doing. I found an old Ford TSB 96-25-19 for low or long pedal action. It states. Master cylinder should be changed to a unit with a larger bore size. "Before changing the unit, perform the following checks: With engine off and all vacuum depleted from the booster, check the pedal action. It must be high and hard. If it is not, either the master cylinder is bypassing or something else in the system is causing the low pedal (check ABS valve if so equipped, all flexible brake hoses or for air in the system). Note that the booster cannot cause a dropping pedal. It either works or the pedal will be hard. This is per the TSB
    F-350 old bore 1.125" use F-450 SD new bore 1.250" any advice Thanks, Don