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  1. ErnieB

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    I do a little bit of snow removal...have a blower that I use...would love to get a plow, and am seriously thinking of the snow sport...I dont plan on doing heavy duty work, but a driveway here and there...i guess light commercial work unlsess a big opprotunity opened itself up...none the less could i use it commercially?

    I have an F350 crew cab diesel...i was thinking of the 8'.

    Would this be ideal for me?

    The price seems great compared to others...

    I would appreciate any input.

    Thank you.
  2. vtzdriver

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    You certainly wouldn't want to use it commercially.

    As sold, the angling and transport are both manual processes.

    You would also need to plow every 4-6 inches. Your truck would easily supply so much force you could break components of the plow or frame.

    That said, it would handle a couple of driveways and is less apt to dig up lawn.
  3. snobgone

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    Why that plow? Is it the cost? If you plan on getting more invlolved with plowing, you might want to make the investment in a heavier duty plow.
  4. OP

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    Well, the cost compared to others seem so much more reasonable...Actually before this winter I thought a plow would not be worth the cost where I am...but this year seems to be a bit different.

    And they advertise it well...so they make it sound like it is a great product and could be used commercially.

    Thanks for the responses.
  5. LEVE

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    I've had my Snowsport for over a year. Could it be used commercially? Sure... However I'd be wary of it if I had to make my living with it. The plow is simple an well designed and constructed, but it is designed as a lightweight plow.

    Now you've got an F350, and that's not a lightweight truck to be maneuvering around in some driveways, especially with a plow mounted on the front. Now consider that in many driveways you have to have a place to move the snow to by ramming and stacking.

    The Snowsport mounts on a receiver hitch mounted to the front frame... that's a single anchor point where all the stress is going to be felt as the snow is rammed. That point is going to fatigue. Now consider that you can't ram the snow back far enough what are you going to do? You'll have to lift the snow and pile it.

    Unless you modify the Snowsport you can't lift it from the cab. So how are you stack snow with a plow that can't be lifted. You'll be forced to make a DIY lift and modify the plow.

    Without strapping the plow you'll not be able to backdrag.

    The Snowsport fits my pickup and does a great job of moving the snow out of my 300' of driveway and also my 1200sqft concrete parking area. But I can also push a lot of it over an 8' cliff. I don't really have a space management problem if I can get the snow to the cliff's edge. I don't need to lift snow nor ram it for space management. I don't need to backdrag.

    Can the same be said for all your driveways that you do?

    If so, the Snowsport will work fine commercially. If not, I'd rethink the product.
  6. nickp

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    I've been doing a couple of driveways for a fee for the last 2 winters. You can use the snowsport with the right kind of driveway. If you will need to back drag or if there isn't enough room to push the snow way off the driveway (like the back yard) I would look at another set up. I am required to do a bit of manual shoveling for 1 of my driveways I am currently plowing and I can tell you it gets old pretty quick.
  7. 98tacoma

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    2 cents

    Very happy w/ my snowsport, but I just use it for personal use. I've never plowed with a "regular" plow so I don't have anything to compare it to as far as that goes. Not sure if I'd want to use it commercially, just my opinion. With the lack of back dragging and other limitations, it's sometimes hard to get as "clean" as a job, which a commercial customer might not appreciate, but as far as personal use, I would highly recommend it.
  8. KMBertog

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    F350 is WAYYYYY too much truck for a Snowsport.

    Spend some extra bucks and get a heavy duty plow.