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Hello from Kokomo IN.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself to the Community' started by artfull dodger, Dec 12, 2014.

  1. artfull dodger

    artfull dodger Junior Member
    from Kokomo
    Messages: 12

    Hello everybody. Just bought my first plow truck and figured I better join up and learn something. I work as the head technician for a local outdoor power equipment dealer who also sells Boss snow plows and we do snow removal and sidewalk clearing both as subs and under our own company. I have been the side walk guy so far this year. But working out of the back of a Dodge Minivan was far from ideal. I finaly sold the van and bought an old W250 Dodge that came with a Western straight blade (not installed yet) along with brand new lights for the head unit and the cable control joy stick. I wont be on for to much in the way of lot clearing this year, unless we get hammered by a big storm. But it will be easier to work my sidewalk clearing. I hope to get started on installing the blade this week at work. Need to do a full tune up on the old 318 V8 first. I am hunting for a back rack to mount on the bed as I haul stuff and it will give me a place for my quad flash Ecco strobe. I will post up some pics once I get some taken of my new truck. Mike