Hello all and help please.

Jim Locke

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Pittsburgh Pa
Meyer E-47 power unit w/7.5 meyer blade, 200 Dodge ram tk Std old style stick controller (not electro-touch) Hope this enuf info. Unit has had hyd. fluid flushed for start of season, all wiring has been checked including temp reduntant grnd. Symptom is that blade will raise and lower but when you move stick to the right for pwr angling the blade goes left it also goes left as it shoud when you move the stick to the left. I removed the coils and cleaned them for better grnd. I started to loosen the forward sol. valve, fluid started to leak DUH so i just retightened now when I go to angle it it slowly raises AND moves left only. It obviusly is stuck full left now and I gotta clean my shop lot for the influx of cars in tomorrow AM any thoughts very much appreciated as I have no info on these. I suspect I now also have an internal hydraulic leak Jim Locke


Western CT
The c-valve, the calve under the green wired coil is not working. Check that the green wire is getting voltage and the coil has magnetism. If both check then replace the c-valve.

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