Heavy Snow Leads to Limited Availability of Salt in Parts of US and Canada

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    Milwaukee, WI (Feb. 14, 2008) – The Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA) has had several reports of limited availability of rock salt in parts of the Midwest, Northeast, and Canada. Due to above average amounts of snowfall this winter season, these areas are experiencing shortages in rock salt, a de-icing agent used to remove snow and ice from roads and parking lots.

    Private contractors, who remove snow and ice from parking lots, commercial businesses, and retail establishments, are finding it increasingly difficult to get salt in some areas as heavy winter weather continues. The availability of salt is decreasing quickly as more and more snow falls, causing both economic and safety issues for contractors and their customers. Some SIMA members reported having to buy salt from other states, greatly increasing the cost of it.

    Jim Monk, SIMA Board President, a Certified Snow Professional (CSP), and owner of Markham Property Services Limited in Markham, ON, says “Availability of salt for private snow contractors is extremely limited this season. As a contractor and business owner, the impact of limited salt availability occurring across North America will be our company’s biggest challenge this year.”

    With heavy winter storms still forecasted for these areas and winter far from over, the lack of salt can create dangerous conditions for drivers and pedestrians. “Salt shortages mean a lower level of service will be likely for most properties, resulting in more hazardous conditions,” says Monk, “We urge everyone to take the greatest care in driving and walking in these conditions, and we encourage property owners and managers to post signs and be extra vigilant this winter.”

    Brian Birch, SIMA’s Assistant Executive Director, says “SIMA members in the US and Canada fill a needed and vital role in keeping retail and commercial establishments open for business during harsh winter conditions. As the amount of available salt goes down, the chances of people slipping and injuring themselves rises dramatically.” People are urged to take caution while going out in heavy winter weather, as some areas are likely to be more slippery due to lack of salt.

    The Snow & Ice Management Association, Inc. (SIMA) is a trade association for those who manage snow and ice. SIMA ensures professionalism and safer communities by helping those who manage snow and ice master essential skills and practices. For more information on SIMA, visit www.sima.org.

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