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I am just wondering what you guys use for switches to controll the extras you have added to your trucks.

I am currently using 4 or 6 switch switches boxes, to controll the extra lights added. They work verry well, you run 8 AG cable to the battery, and the power is distributed out to the switches with built in circuit breaks in each switch.

What are you guys useing? Standard toggel or rocker switches? Let me know if ya find any that fit in the cut outs of a Ford dash. Never could find one that fit the cut outs of the older body style F-series trucks.


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I've got a couple of those little lighted rocker switches for my Highlighter, and for my extra reverse lights. I like the fact that they light up.... serve as a good reminder that the lights are on.



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GeoffD if you go the GALLS.COM they have some heavy duty switches for lights and other things. This is a law enforcement equipment. Look in emergency equipment switch panel. 1-40 amp circuit breaker and the rest are 20 amp circuit switches.


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Being a fireman I have installed the switch boxes to run lightbars. I like these a lot. Another thing is I like to use relays. I have all the relays under the hood and powered by a cable from the batery the swithches in the cab just flip the relays. This can mean smaller wire in the cab and thus smaller switches.


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if you use relays, switches will not get hot and last much longer. also use die-electric greese on all conections, this will save a lot of promblems. use solid run of wire from conection to conection. do not splice unless necessary. hella has relays with fuse mounted in relay. never, never wire with out fuse protection unless you have good insurance and a replacement truck.


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ABSOLUTELY on the fuses in the wires. You have no real idea how fast you can move until you see smoke followed by that awful flash from somewhere under the dash or even just in the cab. Circuit breakers are great if you can because they reset after cooling.



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I have one of those Gall's switch panel (6 switches). They are a nice unit and I uses them for blue strobes to response to fire calls, amber strobes, aux. back-up light, and amber beacon. I also have two toggle switches on my dashboard, one for backlight for switch panel and other one for plow.

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