"Heavy Duty" power steering pump


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San Antonio, TX
Anybody ever heard of a "heavy duty" powersteering pump? I have developed a leak from the pump behind the pully and rather than replace it with a standard one I would like to upgrade if that is possible. A hydrolic winch is on the way and will be running off the steering pump. Anyone ever put a smaller pully on the pump with good results? Thanks

By the way the "lincoln lockers" help up great this week end and the added traction is awesome.

John DiMartino

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Never heard of one,i would think if one was avaliable it would have a larger displacement pump,and have a slightly higher pressure setting.I thought the pumps were rated by GPM and pressure at a constant RPM.
There are aftermarket high output pumps available for adding winches and such.Have heard a lot of negative comments saying they aren't much better than OEM,so shop around.

The smaller pulley will help,especially with low speed steering,and using a winch with the truck idling.The truck may get a little twitchy on the highway though.Try looking for a pump or pulley from a GM 3.8L V6,they seem to have the smallest pulley available.Made a big difference on our trucks with heavy front ends and bigger tires.

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