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hey guys, got one more for you,
i got a hole in the heater core in my GMC 77 k15 and i need to replace it. all the instruction books say to remove the "stud bolts" that hold the heat distributer to the fire wall. there are three of them but they are flat bolt heads with no hex head or screw driver slots, just flat. looks like large nail heads sticking out of the firewall. the books say they can be removed from inside the cab but i cant see how. the engine bay side of the fire wall is covered by the a/c blower unit. do i really have to disassemble the a/c?
thanks, sawbones.


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my haynes manual says the following

blower assembly

disconnect the blower lead

remove the blower mounting screws and withdraw the motor and fan, it may be necessary to cut the flange sealing strip to release the blower motor from the firewall.

the fan can be removed from the motor shaft after the nut has been unscrewed.

Heater core and air distributor

disconnect the negative cable at the battery

place a suitable container under the heater core, disconnect the coolant hose from the core and plug them or fasten the ends up as high as possible so the coolant does not run out. Allow the coolant in the heater core to drain into the container.

remove the nuts from the distributor duct studs which project into the engine compartment. might be in the engine compartment??

remove the glovebox and door assembly

disconnect the air, defrost and temp door cables

remove the floor outlet and then remove the defroster duct to distributor duct screw

extract the screw retaining the heater distributor to the firewall

pull the heater assembly to the rear for access and disconnect the wiring harness

remove the heater air distributor

remove the core restraining straps and remove the core

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