Heated Wiper Blades


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Saw this on the internet and thought that it would be a neat thing to have. It is called Blizzzard Blades. It heats the windshield wiper, keeping ice from building up on windshield during the winter.

I think that I would order one of these. Last winter I drive daily to college when the college is in session and often the windshield would ice up. When that happens I would have to roll down the window, stick my hand out, grab & slam the wiper to get the ice off.

Here is the link:



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I saw these blades first hand at the 02 sima show. The blades get HOT. I would like to have a set and wire them into the heated mirrors on my Dodge Ram. I can see that these would be of great value.


I felt these blades at SIMA this past week. They do get hot and there is a toggle to turn them on and off. They would be great for those wet snows that just don't slide off the hood. They are quite expensive but it will prevent the headaches associated with snow build up.

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