Headlight problem

Discussion in 'Ford Trucks' started by 90plow, Feb 1, 2011.

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    My 1996 F-350 headlights keep going out. The relays on the plowside have been replaced recently and even after that they keep going on and off. I think it has to be a relay unrelated to the plow because even with the plow off the truck low beams flicker. I will start the truck the lights may or may not turn on and then after 15-20 minutes they start turning on and off randomly and sometimes do not return on. Dont have an owners manual so i dont know whats under the hood any help is appretiated.
  2. geer hed

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    There should be a relay in the power distribution block under the hood.
  3. Blk04Snake

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    We have a lot of '96-'97 F450 trucks at work that have had this problem. The headlight switch itself has been the problem everytime. Any autoparts should stock it for cheap.
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    yup picked it up at ford cost 45 bucks and I have lights thanks guys.