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Headlight Issues - Not Working

Discussion in 'Blizzard Plows Discussion' started by kenj, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. kenj

    kenj Junior Member
    Messages: 1

    One of our plow trucks is a 2005 Dodge dually diesel with a Blizzard snow plow. We have had nothing but problems this year with the plow lighting system. One day they work, but most of the time they don't switch over from the truck lights. Don't have plow marker lights either, but the turn signals within them are working right now. I just went over all of the connections and found nothing to be out of place, even hit them all with dielectric grease since I already had them opened. Repalced the light switch, no change. I don't hear the relays clicking for making any change when the switch is thrown.

    Any thoughts, ideas, what to check, or is this something stupid that I am overlooking?

    Thank you in advance for your insight.

    In the Dark in PA.....

    Ken J.
  2. lilweeds

    lilweeds PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,178

    Ken, try giving Jerre in Erie a call.
  3. beam

    beam Senior Member
    from pa
    Messages: 314

    check park lights working then checkfor switch over to plow lights. plow lights get power from parking lights to power plow lights
  4. mehaw1

    mehaw1 Junior Member
    Messages: 18

    Plow light relays get powered through parking lights and find ground through the switch on the controller. I would be looking at where your parking lights for the plow are spliced onto for power and troubleshoot from there.
  5. Mark Witcher

    Mark Witcher Senior Member
    Messages: 605

    On some newer trucks like our 2008 ford, the plow control needs to be switched to the tower lights first and then turn on the truck lights.
  6. Lasher66

    Lasher66 Member
    Messages: 82

    I had the same prob yesterday, found out my parking light fuse blew so give that a check.

  7. firelwn82

    firelwn82 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,866

    Yeah had the same issue with the start of the year. Turns out my headlights that worked at the end of the season did not do the same at the start of the season. Nothing worked until I replaced the bulbs.... Yes both bulbs. Then they worked like crap but thats normal for the Blizzard Plow set up. Cant see crap unless its close enough to hit it
  8. damian

    damian Senior Member
    Messages: 330

    Check parking light fuse,the parking lamps supply power to the relays that switch lights from truck to plow,the blizzard light switch then grounds the relay to do the switching,very common for landscapers who tow crappy trailers to blow parking light fuse and not realize it,also check connection at front vehicle parking lamp wiring connection some dealers use scotchlock connectors that are not very good.