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Two questions tonight

First, I've seen all kinds of praise for the Thorley headers. Are there any prices online for these? I can't seem to find any.

Second, is there any way to find out what size tires I'm supposed to have on my truck (OE I mean)? The plate inside the door shows 16.5 X 9.5 inch rims, but I can't find anything about tire size. I even have the owner's manual with all kinds of wheel code info and load rating info, but nothing about tire sizes.




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It was either 8.50x16.5 or 9.5x16.5 . It may be better to find a late model set of 16x7's and going with 16"ers. Then you can fit 285/75 16. Thinking back, I'm pretty sure it was the 8.50's as I remember my Dad upgrading to 9.50 steel belted radial Michelins to get better milage! All the stuff he did to it in the late 70's to get better milage, he once said "it should start kicking gas out the gas cap" after all the increases that were claimed by all the different aftermarket companies.

I got my headers at Turbo City years ago, think they were $385 or so plus shipping. Check your local speed shop, as they can get you anything, and it will save shipping! You will pay tax however. It's usually a wash between shipping and tax.

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