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Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by MATTHEW, Jul 7, 2001.


    MATTHEW Member
    from NE OHIO
    Messages: 47

    Just bought a great truck. A '98 Chevy 2500. Now
    tell me is it the same truck as a 2500HD? It does
    not have the "HD" after the 2500. What is the real
  2. AtlasFBG2

    AtlasFBG2 Member
    from Ohio
    Messages: 62

    The 2500 heavy duty will have 8 lug wheels and 8600# gvwr.The regular duty 2500 will have 6 lug wheels and gvwr under 8600#.

    MATTHEW Member
    from NE OHIO
    Messages: 47


    Yeah. I've got the 6 lug wheels. Door said the GVWR is 8600.
    Now another thing that I'm wondering about. When the truck
    is in first gear, it makes a sound. Not a real grinding one, but
    one that sort of sounds like a diesel engine. When it goes in
    2nd gear-it is gone. The guy at the tranny shop drove it and
    said that it is normal and that he's heard worse. He said it has
    to do with the pitch of the gears and that this tranny is a very
    good (and big) one. Is his statement about the noise true or
    was he selling me a good (and big) line?
  4. John DiMartino

    John DiMartino PlowSite.com Veteran
    Messages: 2,154

    Gm never made a 6 lug truck with 8600 GVWR,its goota be a 7200 GVWR,or have 8 lugs,Does it have the flares on the wheels openings?if so its the HD,if not its the LD.There's nothing wrong with the LD 2500-I have 2 of them,its just the HD has bigger brakes,and stronger rims,etc...
  5. 75

    75 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,382

    John - is the manual trans Matthew is referring the same as the grunt-low 4-speed in the old '79 C-30 at my work? That 1'st gear is non-synchro, would that explain the noise if it's the same type of transmission?
  6. MTCK

    MTCK Senior Member
    Messages: 346

    Here's my 2 cents worth: If the guy at the tranny shop wanted to feed you a line, I'd guess it'd be a line to get him more business, IE tell you it's something wrong. I don't think it's a problem. Is it a granny low? Do you start out in 2nd gear in normal driving? If that's the case, I'd say his line about the pitch of the gears is probably right on. That first gear is a really extreme low (if it is the granny low) and I've heard them make some noise on other trucks. Most likely it is I believe an NV4500. How do you like it otherwise? I'm getting close to buying a truck with one in it. Once again, assuming it's the granny low tranny. I wouldn't loose any sleep over the noise.

  7. 85w/350

    85w/350 Senior Member
    Messages: 190

    I just bought a 84 blazer with a sm465 and it has the granny low. I think its like 6.55:1 I mean its not made for above like 2-5mpg but i've already used it to tow and climb...requires no gas just ease off the clutch. I like it. and what you describe sounds about normal for the noise

    MATTHEW Member
    from NE OHIO
    Messages: 47

    all mixed up

    I'll confess I was lazy and did not check the lugs before answering. It is a new truck to me, and I am still becoming familiar
    with it. It DOES have 8 lugs with the chrome center piece and
    chrome beauty rings. The label said the rating was 8600. Also,
    I thought I was clear about the tranny. It is the automatic-o/d
    tranny. Which type would this be-the lighter duty or the bigger
    one I was told it had? (no markings under the hood about it)
    What do you think about the sound? Does yours have it?
  9. AtlasFBG2

    AtlasFBG2 Member
    from Ohio
    Messages: 62

    You do have the heavy duty truck with 8 lugs and 8600 gvwr then.My 90 has a turbo 400 trans.Its a 3 speed with no overdrive.Yours being a 98 with overdrive you probuly have the 4L80E trans.Like the others say the guy at the trany shop would more likely feed you a line to get business not to turn you away.