HD Alternators


Where can you find HD alternators needed for the plow/lights etc? Or can you use a stock alternator with dual batteries?


Michael F

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Rochester, NY
I have alway used stock alternators until the one on the truck fails, then replaced with the largest one available, Last year I replaced one for an 85 K20 there were 2 avaialable I believe a 70 amp & an 98 amp, put the 98 amp in, this was from Pepboys I believe, I know there is a place in town where I could have had it rebuilt or the could have made it put out more amps. Never had a need, I run plow, highlighter bar & headlights. My new truck 99 order with plow prep only has a 110 amp, that has computer ect to run.

John DiMartino

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On GM's from 91 to 94 and even on some 88-90's the factory 100 amp alts burn up the rear bearing,this is a common problem.The police cars(caprice) from 91-93 use a 140 amp high output alt that has a huge case and is a great design.To retro-fit one to the small block or 4.3 V6 takes the drivers side accesory bracket from a Caprice police car(about $50 new and the alternator.The alt can also come from the 94-97 B or F body GM's,these are camaro/caprice with LT1 engines.When my salvage yard gets an Alternator,its mine for $85,which I feel is a bargain considering its output.I am running dual batterys on both my F/S plow trucks now,it really helps keep the voltage from spiking down under 10 volts when raising and angling.If I could fit them,Id have 2 on the S10 also.

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